Sunday, March 2, 2014

Koh Samui | Thailand (Day 1)


It's been a while. I've been busy with my works lately thus I got no time to blog about my recent travel. Am I really that busy? Nope. Hahaha.. This time, I went for a 3-day trip to Koh Samui which is located in Southern Thailand with my parents. We had booked this tour with Firefly Holiday during our visit to Matta Fair last year. I don't know what to expect from this place, but I knew it's an island for sure. Previously I had been to Krabi and it was awesome!

Since our flight was at noon, thus we arrived at Koh Samui International Airport around 3 pm which was 2 hours later. The airport itself is very pretty with garden theme unlike any other modern huge airport. This airport is quite small but very pleasant. The hotel shuttle picked us up and then drove us to the hotel. We're staying at Chaba Samui Resort which is located in Chaweng. It's not located beside the Chaweng Beach but we can walked to the beach in less than 5 minutes. While waiting for the room key, we were served with welcoming drinks which was grape juice. It was nice. 

We had a quick rest before heading out to explore the surrounding area. The street where our hotel is located is full of shops including souvenir shops, restaurants, massage spa, convenient store and some fast food joints like McDonald's, Subway, Pizza Hut and I spotted a couple of Haagen Dasz cafes. Since today was our first day, we just did the survey first and buy our stuffs tomorrow or the day after.

We had lunch/dinner at a nearby halal Indian Restaurant nearby. They served Indian and Thai food. I had green curry, my mom had chicken masala and my dad had the seafood fried rice. The food was nice especially the green curry as it was less spicy than the usual. However, the price was kinda expensive. There is another halal restaurant with the same concept located about a few hundred metres from this one.

I took the chance to taste the pancakes from a stall. Here, pancakes or crepes are quite famous just like in Krabi. Mostly it was prepared by Muslim hawkers thus the pancakes are halal. I tried the banana chocolate pancakes and it cost 60 baht. RM6 kauuu, mahal jugek.

That's all for day one. 

Have a nice day all~ :)


ain zulkarnaind said...

pancake tu mcm menarik ja

Unknown said...

@nurul ain

yup mmg best.. mcm roti canai with filling.. :)

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