Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PRP Week 39 to 42 - Inventory Control and Management (Medical Store)

Yuhhuuuu, sambung pasal PRP lagi.

After half-completing my CDR unit, I went to the next station which was store. I was here for one month. Since Hari Raya was during my attachment here, I was given two days extra for hari raya leave meaning I got 6 days of raya altogether. Weeeeeee~

These are the jobscopes for PRP in medical store unit. Basically we are involved in doing paperwork, ordering item, handle DD and issue out indent from other units.

1. Nota minta, e-perolehan and GPIS (registration of order). 
Firstly the boss will give us a nota minta which is a list of items needed to be ordered based on which company involved. Then, we had to order from e-perolehan then waits the company to approve the order. Once approved, the boss will approve it again for payment. Then we register the order on GPIS and waits for the item to arrive within 14 days.

2. Dangerous Drugs
PRPs are in charge of dangerous drugs such as morphine, fentanyl etc. When there's indent from other unit, we had to check the balance first then the boss will write the quantity needed to be issued out. DD is located in a double lock room as usual but the room is very very very cold. We also had to do check and found.

3. Item indent
Other units will indent medications once a month. The quantity is definitely a lot and it took more than two days to take out all of the items from store. We had to record in the bin card and check whether the balance is tally or not. It might be difficult for girls since we are required to carry big heavy boxes. Luckily I was with Zhi and doing it together is so much fun and easier.

Indent sudah mari

Issue out items

Pekerja contoh

Damaged items must be complained and returned to the supplier

Got jamuan raya

Happy Merdeka Day! *oncall mode*


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