Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gardens by the Bay | Singapore


Finally, my first oversea trip after working for almost a year! Haha, xdelah oversea sangat, just pergi Singapore kat seberang Selat Tebrau je. After planning for a long time, we finally got the chance to make this trip happen. After a lat minute drop out by our colleague, finally this trip ended with two persons, me and Zue. Lantaklah, pergi je, janji happy kan?

We left our house around 8.30am and then parked the car at JB Sentral. The parking fee was reasonable which was RM12 maximum for a day. So we parked at Level 2 then we took an elevator to Level 3 and walked towards the lobby entrance. After went through custom inspection and passport verification, we went downstairs to take bus to Queen Street. It only cost RM2.50 for a single journey. We boarded the Causeway Link bus and then stopped at Singapore Custom, Woodlands. Here, we got our passports stamped and waited for another bus to continue our journey to Queen Street. The journey took about half an hour if I'm not mistaken.

When we arrived, we walked towards Bugis Street where there are loads of shops here but our main agenda was not it. We spent a few minutes having breakfast at KFC nearby. Surprisingly the KFC had more breakfast menu and I think there are more interesting than in Malaysia. So we tried the Breakfast Platter which comprised of chicken fillet dipped in a slightly spicy sauce, hash browns, scramble egg and a cup of Milo. 

As soon we finished our meals, we headed to Bugis MRT Station which is located just opposite the KFC. Our first destination was Bayfront where we could easily assess Garden by the Bay. It only cost one dollar something, I forgot the exact price.

Garden by the Bay

Definitely a must-visit place when you visit Singapore. This place is full of nature and modern architecture as well. Gardens by the Bay is located near Marina Bay. We went there via MRT and alighted at Bayfront station. Then we walked a few hundred metres to reach the garden. As soon as the gardens getting nearer and clearer, I felt very excited. I snapped a lot of photos of the gardens from far, across the river.

The exterior part of the gardens was free of charge, there's no fee. The fee is only for the OCBC Skyway, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest which are basically a large greenhouse full with plants and trees. This time, we gave it a pass, maybe next time. So, this time we only wandered around the gardens admiring the Supertree Grove. Yup, that is what the giant metallic trees are called. Supertree!

Indeed, we spent a lot of our time here admiring the big tree. We paid $5 to climb the Skyway. The view was stunning and great. I love it so much! Maybe next time I should come here at night so I can see the colourful lights and decorations. Bling2~

The weather was burning hot that day. My sweat drops like waterfall. Hahaha.. Then, we went to the souvenir shop which is located near the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. We entered the shop and the price was urmmm urmmmm very much like Universal Studios price. The cheapest magnet cost $4 and keychains cost around the same. Who cares? I spent $84 here. I bought postcards ($1.20 each), magnets ($4-$7 each), keychains ($6.90 each), snowglobe ($6.90), pin badge ($3.50) and a winter melon drink to chill our throats. Shuttle services are provided at $2. Zue only spent $20 here. Wahhh, banyak beza tu. :p

Marina Bay

After satisfied with our tour in the gardens, we walked towards the Marina Bay Sands. You must know what is this place. It's the three building with a boat-like structure on top of them. Very classy, very modern and vary expensive I must day. There's a lot of people here sitting, resting and taking photos of the buildings. The surrounding buildings also have unique structure for example the petal-like design of the Science Museum and modern structure of the bridge, quite similar to Millenium Bridge in London.

At first, we planned to go to the other side to see the merlion monument. However, due to the hot weather and the laziness to walk, we cancelled the plan and went to Sentosa Island instead. We took the MRT back in the Bayfront. We walked inside the building with luxurious shops inside to reach the station. We hopped into several shops to window shop some chocolates and stuffs but I know Sentosa got Hershey's shop so we didn't buy anything here. We took the MRT to Harbourfront with a few changes of trains.

I love the MRT system here, so fast and time-saving. We only need to wait at most 5 minutes for the next train to arrive. Soooo efficient!

The next story will be written in next blogpost.



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