Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A'Famosa Water World & Cowboy Town

Finally it's our weekend getaway trip! 

I went to Melaka with my friend Lukman a couple of weeks ago. We're planning to play with water in A'Famosa Water World and then at night to Cowboy Town to watch fire performance as well as fireworks.

Right after my night shift on Friday, I went back to my house to get change then went to Tampoi to fetch Lukman there. The time was around 9am. Since I still haven't got my sleep yet, thus Lukman drove us to Melaka while I was asleep throughout the whole journey. By the way, thanks for the roti canai! We had breakfast first before heading to Melaka. 

We arrived at Alor Gajah around 11 am and purchased the entrance tickets. For two parks (Waterworld + Cowboy Town), it cost RM69 including lunch voucher. Quite okay actually. For three parks (Safari Wonderland + Waterworld + Cowboy Town), it will cost RM90. Since we didn't have the whole day there, we just bought the two-parks tickets. 

Water World

As usual, we got change in the changing room and rented a locker (Small locker RM4 for single use only). Then we rent a double tube (RM20 with RM10 deposit) and straightly headed to the slides area. There are a few slides in the water park such as body slide, family raft, and also slides for tubes. We played each rides at least twice to make our tickets worthy. Hehehe.. Although there were so many people here with 3 family day events at a time we still manage to have fun here. I think the family day people were busy with they own agendas and telematch so they didn't use slides often.

After a few rides, our stomachs started growling. Grrrrrrr... So we headed to the cafe to claim our lunch. I had rice with ginger chicken while Lukman with ayam masak kicap. The food was not good at all. Sorry to say. The kicap was tasteless and my keropok already not crunchy anymore. Please improve your service okay.

Then we stayed there until 4 pm. After we changed into the normal attire, we searched for the surau inside the park. After asking the pak cik, we found it. We performed our prayer then exited the park and dropped by the souvenir shop. Well, if I go somwhere, it is a must to buy something for my friends, at least for my close friends. Kalau untuk semua kawan memang pokai la aku. As expected the souvenirs here quite pricey. The cheapest fridge magnet cost RM5. So I purchased several magnets with animal design and also a water-filled magents with shells inside it with A'Famosa lettering. 

We had an early dinner around 5.30pm at the nearest restaurant which is located at the roadside. We had goreng2 style food. We ordered nasi goreng ayam merah and nasi goreng USA. The price was okay like standard restaurant and the quality was good too. I finished eating without realised it. Haha..

Cowboy Town.

Cowboy Town is located near the A'Famosa Resort entrance unlike the Waterworld. So, it was easy to spot. We arrived here around 6.30pm and was welcomed with a cowboy dance performance at the entrance gate. The real show will start at 8.30pm and while waiting, we wandered around the small town. There are a lot of activities here such as bowling, mini-games, elephant ride, pony rides, 4D theater and there are some restaurants here too. We were so tempted to them The Ranch which is a steakhouse but we already had our dinner. 

The show started with fire-breathing performance by the Red Indians followed by the Carnival. The Red Indians played with the fire and also performed a dance routine. I was so impressed by them. They looked so cool playing with fire. Rawwrrrr.. Then it was raining heavily so we rushed back into the building. When the rain had stop, we went back outside to continue with the show. Although it was wet, who cares... 

The Carnival is about animal parade. We could see a lot of animals here such as cows, sheep, brids, chickens, goats and horses. Other than that, there were trishaw, decorated cars, clowns and Cuti-cuti Malaysia dance.

The show ended with a spectacular fireworks display. This was the finale of the first show. There was a second show after this at the Kids Fun Fair. So we rushed back to the front to watch the second show.

The second show was quick and short. The Red Indians warriors still played with the fire but we could watch them closer as the stage was small and nearer to the audiences.


After the show finished, we drove back to the city to check in our hotel and to have supper. We went to the Oldtown White Coffee and had a warm Chicken Hor Fun. Yummy. :)

Oh yea, our hotel was Harbour Inn which is located at Melaka Raya which is quite close to Dataran Pahlawan. We booked it from and one room cost RM90 for two pax.

That's all for now. 



Farikica said...

Amboi...berendam sakan...syiok ya...? My family and I enjoyed waterworld too... Not too far from KL and perfect for weekend getaway. Bought cheap tix and accommodation at Matta made the trip much much more enjoyable...he..he..

Unknown said...

hehe.. memang best g sini, berbaloi.. matta fair mmg lg murah.. rm 60 untuk tiga2 park.. :)

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