Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PRP Week 17 - Outpatient (OPD)

Yuhuuuuu, well last week was quite hectic in OPD. This was due to the celebration Chinese New Year a week after that thus a lot of patients came to hospital to take their daily medications. However, I wasn't really affected by that mainly because I didn't really work in OPD last week. I was assigned to work at Oncolocy Pharmacy and Emergency Department for the whole week.

Working in Onco Pharmacy wasn't very busy, at least not as busy as Farmasi Klinik Pakar. In morning, I helped Kak Syahida doing the filling and sometimes with the dispensing. This pharmacy focussed more on Oncology patient, thus there are many cytotoxic drugs here. Some common drugs use in treating cancer patient include mercaptopurine, imatinib, capecitabine and many others. Some hormonal drugs include tamoxifen, letrozole and anastrozole. Everyday, I will prepare the discharge medication for Day Care, which later the CDR pharmacist will collect them and give to the patient. Besides that, I also did some repacking. Packing metoclorpramide to 15's or 10's and dexamethasone to 3's, 6's or 12's. The Onco pharmacist only opens from 8am - 1pm. Thus, after that, patients will go to Farmasi Klinik Pakar to collect their medications.

After lunch break, I will open the Emergency Dept Pharmacy at 2 pm. I worked alone here as usually there are not so many patient here. The medications are usually for the common sickness such as fever, cough, flu, asthma, accident and food poisoning. It's quite leisure working here, but it's bored because didn't have friends to talk to. So cannot gossip2 here and there la. I worked until 6 pm and after that, other pharmacists will replace me from 6 to 10pm (evening shift) and also from 10pm to 8am (night shift). So, ED pharmacy will close at 8am.

Hospital Sultan Ismail from Level 7

Jabatan Kecemasan at 3am

Ranitidine 300mg and 150mg - use for gastric

Tramadol 50mg - painkiller, at least better and stronger than PCM

After CNY break, I will enter clinical department for 8 weeks. So, I will follow the ward pharmacist doing ward round with doctors and specialist everyday.


That's all for now. :)


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