Saturday, February 2, 2013

PRP Week 14,15 & 16 - Outpatient (OPD)

Yuhhuuuuu, I'm back.. It had been a while since I last blogged about my PRP life. 

So, for the last 3 weeks, I was still attached to OPD, doing filling and dispensing like usual, plus with another responsibilities which I was assigned to take care of Dangerous Drugs (DD) and also Sistem Pendispensan Ubat Bersepadu (SPUB) for two weeks.

DD is collectively a term used for dangerous and psychotropic substances such as diazepam, morphine, phenobarbitone, clonazepam and others. This type of medications need to be stored in a double-locked area; one is the room door and another one is the metal cabinet. This cabinet need to be locked 24/7 unless I need to take out some for the patients. First thing to do when getting a DD prescription is to print out the presciption or make a copy of it, make 2 labels, record in DDA book and finally take it out from the metal cabinet. It's a simple step, but quite tedious especially when you got a few DD prescription at a same time.

SPUB is a term used when patients from other hospital are referred to our hospital and this is called SPUB masuk. For our patients which are referred to other hospital, it is called SPUB keluar. Some medications which are not available in our hospital sometimes need to be indented from the respective hospitals.

So, when there is a SPUB keluar, pharmacists who did the dispensing will shout SPUB! SPUB! Then, they will hand me the patient's card where the name of hospital/klinik kesihatan was writter. I will print 2 copies of the prescription and then fill in the SPUB forms. One copy will be given to the patient and one will be kept.

Ahhh, finally I have finished my 2-weeks role taking care of DD and SPUB. Next week, I'm gonna work in Onco Clinic and Emergency Department for a week. So my working hour will be from 9am to 6pm. 

I attended 5S meeting last week. It's about a program which was created to improve out working environment. 5S stands for Sisih, Susun, Sapu, Seragam and Sentiasa Amal.

Recent photos:

Farewell dinner to Syafiq who is going to Sabah soon as a FRP.

Having fun at Hello Kitty Town with Zue & Nur.

Went to Seremban to celebrate Lukman's belated birthday.

Lama2 kerja kat OPD boleh jadi gila..

Farhan's wedding at Johor Jaya.



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