Sunday, February 3, 2013

6 Corner Senibong Seafood

Senibong is located aprroximately 10km from Johor Bahru city centre. It is a place where a lot of seafood restaurants are located. Our choice this time was 6 Corner Senibong Seafood. This one is quite famous because it was featured in a Malaysia TV program, Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (JJCM). This restaurant is located in the middle of the street.

Senibong Seafood Village

masuk JJCM yawwww

6 Corner


The view was great from here, we could see the glittering Singapore city at night, across the Selat Tebrau. Ok, forget Singapore and let's focus on the food menu. I was here with my aunt, uncle, grandma and cousin. They belanja of course. :)

So we ordered butter prawn, battered cuttlefish, ikan tiga rasa, ikan steam and kailan ikan masin. While waiting for the food to arrive, there were people from small stalls sending kacang rebus and otak-otak to our table. The otak-otak is very nice although I found it quite pricey. I think everything here are quite expensive. 

The food was nice and delicious. I like the crunchiness of the butter prawns. I am myself is a seafood lover. Just throw me anything, I will eat them happily. Hahaha.. The fried cuttlefish was good too but tough a bit. The fishes were great too. I love collecting the pineapples in the sauce and finishing them all. :)

kacang rebus
mini otak-otak

butter prawn
steamed fish

fried cuttlefish

3-flavoured fish

Ok, itu sahaja for a quick update. :)


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