Monday, February 11, 2013

Legoland Malaysia Part 2: All the Fun

My second visit to Legoland was with my family, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma. Nenek ikut skali kau.. Ada nenek kau mampu? Hahaha... This time, our main goal was to play all of the rides. We arrived at the entrance a few minutes before 10am. There was already a tonne of people, eager to get into the park. The weather was okay, but we brought umbrellas along just in case it rains.

Sediakan payung sebelum hujan gitu. It was raining few times during our stay inside the park. Sometimes it hot and bright, and suddenly the weather changed drastically.

Lego Technic

Our first ride was Project X which is a 4-seated roller coaster. It's doesn't look very thrilling but once up they. I felt like I was nearly threw out from the coaster. It was quite high speed and the inertia was high as well. Memang rasa macam nak tercampak keluar ke kiri ke kanan. Hehehe.. Don't underestimate this ride ok.. Tapi masa ni beratur agak lama la.. dalam 45 minit gitu.. Pity my parents and my grandma because they had to wait outside for so long.

We played another ride here which was Aquazone Wave Racers. This ride is basically a spinning boat-like structures where we spun a few rounds embracing the water splash and water bomb. It was quite fun although this was meant for children. Hahaha..

Lego Kingdom

Here lies a couple more of roller coaster. My brothers and I rode on The Dragon roller coaster once and The Dragon's Apprentice twice. The later is for children actually although both of them are dragon-themed. Since we rode this quite late at the evening after the rain stopped, thus we queued only for a few minutes due to many people had went back.

There's a souvenir shop here as well inside the castle-like building. Our cousin, Siti played The Royal Joust ride which is a ride on a Lego horse.


We watched a 4D show here. A story of Clutch Power who is one of the Lego legends. We queued for about 30 minutes before entering the hall. The show was nice. We got sprayed with water several times although the seats were static. I was hoping for the seats to move actually. Other effects includes strong winds and foams.

We also took the chance to board the Observation Tower. The tower spun slowly above the air and we could see the whole Legoland. Legoland isn't too big after all. We could observed several constructions were still going on.

Pizza Mania

We had our lunch here. Although the food are kinda pricey here, we still had to eat here because our stomachs had been growling so much. Hehehe.. We bought several sets of pizzas and pastas. Pasta sets cost around RM13 which was quite affordable. It includes pasta, soup and a drink.

Land of Adventure

Here got one ride that all of us eager to try, Dino Island! It's wet ride, so be prepared with rain coats or whatsoever. We didn't put on any, thus the result was severe. My brother suffered from the wetness of the water as he sat at the back. Lucky me because I sat in the middle. The slides was steep and the splash was thrilling.

In Lost Kingdom, we sat on a moving car and then shoot the red marks with our laser guns. At the end of the game, the total score was shown and we could compare the scores with each others.

Lego City

We spent about half an hour watching a live performance. It was very exciting at the beginning but later became quite lame. It's about how to be safe inside your own house.

Mak Induk and Siti played at the Lego City Airport which is a spinning planes.


Our final stop was the Miniland where a lot of historical monuments from Asia are displayed. They are made from Lego bricks.

The Big Shop

As we were waiting for the rain to stop, we had a shelter outside The Big Shop. I, in the other hand roamed inside the shop thinking what to buy as souvenirs. I bought a few more random Lego Minifigures and a few magnets. They are generally very expensive. So I had to close my eyes when purchasing them.

For Legoland Part 1, click here.


fiona06 said...

Your grandma also ride the roller coaster?? Seems fun Wei always wanna go but no time

Unknown said...

Haha no laaa.. she just jalan2 only, she din play any rides.. gonna get heart attack nanti.. hehe.. come la.. but USS is better.. :)

Miss said...

wuu dah gi legoland ye..baru cadang nak pi tapi ramai sgt manusia skang kat sana..hehe..USS is the best!!

Unknown said...

btol2.. pegi bile2 pn ramai org.. haha.. tp USS mmg the best!

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