Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Roadtrip Day 2 - Isle of Sky

They say Isle of Skye is very pretty for it's scenery. I say it's true! This huge island is located about 2 hours drive from Fort William at the north of Scotland. Last night, we stayed at Broadford Backpackers Hostel which is located obviously at Broadford. This hostel is located near the hospital. It's a 6-bed dorm with shared bathroom. It costs £17.50 per night per person.

Broadford Backpackers Hostel
Broadford, Isle of Skye, Scotland IV49 9AA

We woke up quite late that morning as we were very tired from yesterday's journey. So we had to altered our itinerary slightly. First thing in the morning, we had breakfast at the dining area. We still had our food leftovers from yesterday. Thus, we had sandwiches, vegetable soup, pita bread and vegetarian haggis which Joe bought from a local store.

1. Sligachan

After checking out, we headed to our first destination, Sligachan. This small area is famous for its Sligachan Bridge which there is a river runs below it. The river is quite rocky so it's quite easy to hop onto the middle of the river. The panorama here was very stunning and pretty with the background of mountains, rocks, river and sheeeeeepppps.

2. The Old Man of Storr

We continued our journey to further north to see this rocky mountains. The natural structure of the rocks around here is very fantastic. First, we were required to hike up the mountain to reach the rocky summit. However, due to time constraint, we only hiked half way until we got quite a decent view of The Storr. Oh yea, the whether was a bit chilly up there. Menggerbang2 rambutku.. Brrrr~

3. Kilt Rock

A row of cliffs that looks like they were wearing kilt. This is kinda true. The view was very fantastic up there. There's a very high waterfall a few metres beside the Kilt Rock. There's also a few dinosaur's footsteps exhibited here. Not the real one though, just the footsteps engraved on a metal plate.

4. Quiraing

The most adventurous journey of all. We had to drove on the long and winding road to reach here. Moreover, it's only a single road but with two directions. The road was very narrow and if there's a car from the opposite direction, we had to stopped our car at the roadside. Thrill, but very terkejut2.


5. Portree

Initially, we planned to stop here to have our late lunch. As we parked our car, we walked down the steps to the pier. However, the beach is kinda rocky and not suitable for us to picnic there, thus we re-route our journey to another place. There's a row of colourful shop lots here which was quite significant. This area also had been featured on the postcards. I could see several boats at the beach, looked very pretty. Very typical overseas beach view.

Done with all the tour around 3 pm. Then we headed to Eilean Donan Castle again to rest a bit while having our lunch there. I took the chance to buy some souvenirs as when we arrived here yesterday, the shop was already closed. Therefore, I grabbed some postcards, fridge magnets and pin badges.

After performing our prayers, we drove back to Glasgow. The journey took approximately 5 hours. Yes, it was very far from Glasgow but alhamdulillah Joe had the strength to drive back. We reached Glasgow at 10.30 pm, and we directly cook our dinner. We're starving! XD

Time to rest because tomorrow I had another journey to make.



shahnonsalleh said...

sound fun..

Unknown said...

it was fun & breathtaking.. the scenery was so awesome! =)

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