Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Don't Want An Ending

Alhamdulillah, today marked our last paper for our very final exam. I hope everything went well. Let's pray hard to get good marks so that we all will graduate on time which is on June 29th.

Now, we have to prepare for our departure which will happen in two months time. Yes, one year here in Glasgow seem so fast. Faster than I ever thought. We need to ship our stuffs, plan our journey, travel until the very end and shop for souvenirs. Yes, we have two months for packing, travelling and graduation. As predicted, I'm not going to graduation ball. I wanna go, but I don't think it's proper. Let's save up some money for anything else. Graduation itself consumes a lot of money (£35 for enrollment plus £39 for robe hire).

Exams was a mixture of moderate and difficult. I could not say that they were easy because you know, it's final exam that we talked about. Not some sort of tests whatsoever. I hope I did well. I really hope so. In fact, we all hope for the best for ourselves. I wish nothing but the best, for you too.. *eh, tetiba dirasuk Adele*

I will definitely miss this view from my window..

and these seagulls perhaps? XD

Mudah-mudahan Allah permudahkan perjalanan kami semua.



amirahms said...

ameeen ( T - T )

Unknown said...

Ameennn ya rabbal alameeennn.. :)

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