Monday, May 28, 2012

Easter Trip Day 5 - Mini-Europe, Brussels

We checked out from the hostel early in the morning and asked the receptionist about the direction to Mini-Europe. At first we want to take taxi, but later she helped us finding a bus route. Thus, we got to save up some cash. However, we had to wait for her quite a long time until we had to delayed our departure. We took the bus at the main road which we had to walk for several minutes to reach there. There's a group ticket, therefore it's much cheaper.

We arrived at Mini-Europe at around 10 am which was I thought very late. It opened at 9 am, therefore we had one hour delay. The girls were already there taking photos. The entrance fee is €13,80 per person. There are several other attractions here such as Atomium and Oceade (this park is collectively known as Bruparck!) but we only went to Mini-Europe because we had time constraint. Plus, we all carried our big backpacks thus it's more tiring walking in this condition. Sakit bahu tau. At the entrance, there a big orange turtle mascot who was eager to take photo with us. Saje nak charge kitorang ehhh..

Mini-Europe is a park which exhibit a collection of miniatures from all over Europe. The models were made in detail to resemble the original buildings. These masterpieces are a must see attraction. Some notable miniatures are Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Royal Palais, Colloseum, Pisa Leaning Tower and Windmill. Some models are functioning such as the trains, flights and windmills. They all can move. This park is very fascinating for me. So much hard work had been place in creating this models and a lot money had been spent on them. 

We spend about 3 hours here. The park looks small, but actually you will take a lot of times admiring each and every one of the miniature. We had a quick bite at the cafe. I bought a plate of french fries.

Then, we're off to find a bus back to city. It's very difficult to find a bus here since we didn't know which bus to take. There's a sister who was willing to help us to call the cabs. Four cabs to be precise. So, we left the place group by group. Our destination was Gare du Midi where we would take the bus to Charleroi Airport there. Our flight to Manchester departed at 7 pm.

At Manchester, some of us stayed at Kak Meah's house (Kak Pah's sister). That night, we had our dinner at Al-Jazeera Restaurant. This restaurant is located at Rusholme. One platce of rice with half chicken for each of us. Melantak ke tidak? Hahaha.. It's quite cheap though. Thanks Kak Pah who belanja us milkshakes. It was very creamy and delicious. I orders a few flavours such as Ferrero Rocher, Bubblegum, Mint Choc, Honeycomb and Cookies 'n Cream to shared together. Some of the girls went back to Glasgow that night.

We left Manchester in the next morning. We took Megabus from Shudehill Interchange to Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station. I miss Glasgow so much.


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