Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easter Trip Day 1.5 - Cruising Along the North Sea

Assalamualaikum wbt, now that I'm free from school, I can continue writing about my Easter trip to Amsterdam and Brussels.

For Day 1 - Newcastle, please read here.

So after checking in our DFDS Seaways cruise at Port of Tyne, Newcastle and got our card keys, we queued up in the terminal waiting for the door to open. As soon the door was opened, we rushed into the cruise and searched our rooms. Our rooms were located on the Deck 4. After storing our backpacks in our room, we headed to the upper decks to had a little tour inside the cruise and took photos as usual.

On Deck 6, there were a few cafes and restaurants and also a souvenir shop. However, we headed outside first to enjoy the sea view and to embrace the strong cold wind. It was really really cold. The coldness of the winter still had not faded out yet. Then we headed upstairs to Deck 11 to see the Sky Bar. It's an open space where we could take the chairs and hang out there. A lot of people were already here to enjoy the view as the cruise started to sail off. The ship sailed off at approximately 5.30 pm.

Sea Shops, which is a souvenir shop located at Deck 6 and we spent a few minutes there shopping for foodstuffs and souvenirs. I bought several postcards and keychains. The keychains were slightly expensive though. The shop sells a lot of other stuffs as well such as handbags, clothes, perfumes, snacks and toys. I bought a few Lego minifigures from the shop. =)

We had a coffee at Bake 'n Coffee on Deck 7. The prince range for drinks was okay, but not for food. I bought a cup of cappuccino for €3.50. Fish and chips cost about €14, so nobody bought it. Plus, we brought along some food home just to be save. This ship also have a cinema, Kidz' Club and casino.

When we had nothing else to do that evening, we retired to our room and woke up in the next morning. For breakfast, I bought cafe latte (€3.50) and ate the bun that I brought along.

We arrived at IJmuiden, Holland at 10.30 am which was one hour late than the estimated time of arrival due to coarse weather along the journey. It was raining all the way from Newcastle to Holland. Ijmuiden is located 45 minutes away from Amsterdam city. We took the pre-booked bus to the city.

Welcome to Holland! 



Farikica said...

Nice trip..!I'd been on Stenaline once, also on my way to Amsterdam.

Unknown said...

Yes it was very nice indeed. Minus the seasickness.. Lol

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