Sunday, May 27, 2012

Easter Trip Day 4 - Bruxelles, Belgium

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Finally, I've finished writing about Amsterdam. So now we move on to Brussels which is located at the neighbourhood country.

We checked out out hotel at 7 am and then caught a tram to Amstel Station where we were going to take our Eurolines bus to Brussels. Luckily the tram started early in the morning. Our buses were at 8.30 am and 9 am. We had to book separately to get cheaper tickets. We bought the ticket just for €8. The journey from Amsterdam to Brussels consumed 4 hours. The bus stopped at Brussels Noord Station.

Since we arrived first, we waited inside the station for the rest to reach here. We we so unlucky this time because the worker informed us about the transport strike that occured today. That meant we had no public transport access such as trams and buses. However, there was a limited bus services provided. When the others had arrived, we walked to the city to find our hostels. Boys and girls stayed at different hostels due to unavailability, which are located 2 km apart. 2 km is really a long distance! We had to walk half an hour from the girl hostel to our hostel. The girls were staying at 2GO4 Quality Hostel, while we stayed at Brussels Hello Hostel.

Brussels Hello Hostel
Rue de l'Armistice 1, Brussels, Belgium

2GO4 Quality Hostel
Boulevard Emile Jacqmain-Laan 99, Brussels, Belgium 1000

I would like to suggest that it's better if you stay at 2GO4 Quality Hostel as it is located in the middle of city. Therefore, it will be easier to walk around compared to Brussels Hello Hostel. However, Brussels Hello Hostel is located just beside Simonis metro station.

Our first activity here was city tour. After settling ourselves in the hostels, we went out again to the city centre to visit some famous attractions. We had to do everything by walking since the metro didn't operate today. We walked straight to Palais Royal which one of the significant landmarks in Brussels. It's square surrounded by royal builidings and souvenir shops. We did shop for some souvenirs here. The Hard Rock Cafe Brussels was not opened yet. It's expected to open in summer. Rugi sangat..

We had our lunch at Sultans of Kebap. There are loads of halal food restaurants here, so no worries if you are looking for some. The population of Muslims here is quite high as well. Most of us tried the Chicken Sultan Special which cost €6 each. This kebab was definitely yummy and the sauces made it special. We had to asked for extra sauce though. Very typical Malaysian. We love sauce so much!

Next, we walked further to Manneken Pis statue. Manneken pis is a statue of a boy which pee into the fountain. It's very famous in Brussels. Even the Belgian chocolates are shaped into this statue. This time, the statue was dressed as a vampire. We also took the chance to enter some chocolate shops as well as souvenir shops. I bought several fridge magnets, a snowglobe, a miniature, postcards and key chains.

And then we walked, walked and walked again to the edge of the city and took photos with more buildings and gardens. There are several interesting buildings here such as Parliament building, museums and the rail stations.

We also hunted for the Belgian waffle. Since it's nearly getting dark, we headed back to the city and found a waffle shop. Most of us shared the waffle since it's quite tedious to eat with the melting chocolate whatnot. I shared mine with Fariz and we tried the waffle with whipped cream and caramel sauce. It was veryyyyy delicious. No wonder waffle has become one of the attractions in Brussels. Some of us also bought Belgian chocolates.

After done with the tour and shopping, we all headed back to our hostel.

For tomorrow's agenda, we were going to Mini-Europe which is located a bit further from the city centre.


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