Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So It Starts

Walllahhhh! Finally after 3 months of holiday, we finally arrived back in IMU safely.

3 months of semester breaks really have rotted my brain. Cannot recalled the things that I've learned from last semester.

FYI, we will be taking 4 subjects in this 14-usual-weeks of class which are:

Biopharmacy 4
Pharmacy Practice 2
Drugs and Disease 2
Drugs and Disease 3

The passing mark for PP2 is 50% while the rest are 40% and good news, we have no lab session in this semester! Only CAL session and several workshops.. So I can keep my lab coat in a plastic wrap and open it next year for our hospital attachment.

There will be a visiting lecturer from Strathclyde and she will be teaching Biopharmacy 4.

Our dean said that we might need to retake IELTS examination because of the new regulation by UK Border Agency. Ishhh, leceh tau! Membazir 100 pound jek!

2nd day of semester 5

One more semester in IMU! Good luck friends!


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