Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fazdillah Kmsn & IzZah NiSa II

Seperti yang dijanjikan, hari ini I keluar dgn member baik I from school which are Fazd and Ijah. The last time I met them was about 6 month ago at the same place, Midvalley Megamall.

At first we were supposed to go to AEON Bukit Tinggi but last minute bad incident did happen last night. Ijah's phone was missing, it might be drop somewhere in the cinema she went last night. So, we changed our plan to Sunway Pyramid so that Ijah can make a new simcard for her old number at the Maxis Centre. However, Fazd thought that we already canceled our outing today because of Ijah's incident so I had to force her to join us but she said Midvalley would be easy for her to reach. So it was Midvalley today...

Here basically what we did today:

Maxis Centre, The Gardens Mall
- made a new simcard for Ijah

- renewed Ijah's J-Card and I failed to redeem gift voucher because I didn't bring my brother's IC photocopy. My J-Card was his before...
- bought sushi set

Food Junction
- Fazd and I ate Korean dishes
- Ijah ate tomyam

PC Fair
- we bought somethings for ourselves; laptop bags, mouse & USB fans..

Secret Recipe
- cakes & drinks for tea time

Around Midvalley

So that's all... Daa~


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