Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GSC Maxx

GSC MAXX is opening soon!

It is located on the 10th floor of Berjaya Times Square replacing the IMAX Theatre.

In fact they are giving free preview for yesterday's and today's screening for three 3D movies like Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage, Avatar: Special Edition and Legend of the Guardians.

But sadly, I just knew about it through Fariz and we were already too late to grab the free tickets. Plus we got 8 am class tomorrow.. =(

Nampaknya pasni mmg tgk 3D kat GSC Maxx jela.. hehe.. Narnia, here we come~


PahPihPuh said...

sori lambat cakap..
baru ckp semalam..lupe nak kecoh2..hehe

Unknown said...

cipak mmg dengki kt ktrg.. huhu.. =(

LoLLy~ said...

yes ade name aku!

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