Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Indonesia?

There are several reason why my family loves going oversea to Indonesia for holiday..

It's affordable.
Going to Indonesia 10 times is most likely equivalent to going to London once. So, why would we want to spend more money on 1 trip instead of 10 trips? Therefore, on every time holiday comes, we can travel outside Malaysia.. Regularly.. InsyaAllah, if I manage to fly to Strathclyde later, I'll travel all around Europe with my friends. ^^
Pray for our success..

We can bring a lot of family members as well. No need to left some one behind since the money is sufficient to cover everyone's fee. Every year, we usually will go to Indonesia either once or more..

Things are cheap. Really...
Most items sold in Indonesia are cheaper than Malaysia. Not just unbranded item, but branded item as well like Giodarno, Nike, etc. In fact, I bought 3 t-shirts and a sweater from Giodarno at Paris Van Java, Bandung. At Malaysia, it is difficult for me to spend my money at Giodarno. I also bought about 5 other t-shirts, a pants and also a necktie. Indonesia also got CNY sales. ^^ If go to London, maybe I can't afford to buy even a single keychain as souvenir.. Cannot shop a lot as well.

Since Bahasa Malaysia is quite similar to Bahasa Indonesia, language become no barrier for us in communication especially when buying and bargaining.

Finding halal food is easy. This time, we didn't focus on nasi padang, but more to Sunda food, usually got ikan gurame, ulam2 and sambal belacan.

The circled ones are the places which I have visited before. Each place more than 1 times.

So to those people who always question my holiday plan, don't bising2 or komplen2 yer.. I know you all jealous kan? Hak3...

"Ko ni asyik gi Indon jek"
"Eh, sukati aku la.. Mak bapak aku bayar, ade mak bapak ko bayar ke utk aku ke?"



Lukman, ko jealous tak? Merase sangat yer...

Photos from my trip to Jakarta-Bandung-Tasik Malaya recently:

Will be going to Indonesia again after EOS. This time to Medan. =D


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