Saturday, February 6, 2010

Malam Pertama

Malam Pertama? First Night? Apakah itu?

Okay, this post has nothing to do with first night what-so-ever..

Last night (very night), after Malaysian Studies drama, I hanged out with Lukman and Azery.

We were a bit crazy last night. Very crazy, laugh like hell all the time.

We went to Kampung Baru. To have a supper there. We arrived there at 12.30 am after singgah sebentar at Azery's house for him to drop dirty clothes home.

HR Steakhouse.
Mix grill, Mix grill New Zealand mussels, lamb chop, french fries
Honey dew, watermelon & lychee juices

Chop & Steak.
Chicken Gordon Bleu, Spaghetti, Macaroni
Fresh Orange

Eh, what the hell are we doing at two different restaurants? As I said, we were crazy, so we ate twice. Hahaha.. Until my stomach cannot hold anymore. Finally had to tapau..

Azery - the happiest moment ever.. lol..

Before going back to Vista, we had a detour at Cheras. To downtown. Got many shops there. I bought Transformers movie poster for just RM10. While Lukman bought Avatar and V for Vandetta posters. Azery didn't buy anything because he got no more money after settling his debts with us.

Arrived at vista around 3 am.


That's all I can say to potrays last night's activity.


cahaya wawa said...

woowooowoooo u guys ate like...... wuuhuuu banyaknyeeeeee...

Unknown said...

ngehehe.. itulah namenye lelaki.. makan sebanyak yg boleh.. hak3..

lagi azery bawak saka.. :p

Mayu said...

amboi iwa..ak blk msia 26hb nih..nnt wawa n badd blk,kita kuar rmi2 jom..~

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