Monday, February 1, 2010

A Short Temerloh Trip

Saturday & Sunday

The journey to Temerloh, Pahang wasn't as long as I expected. It took us about 2 hours to reach there.

Our main aim travelling to Temerloh was not other than eating the freshly cooked ikan patin there. The most famous dish here is ikan patin masak tempoyak. It was scrumptiously delicious with the tempoyak (durian) flavour as well as the spiciness which was added to it. The price for a portion of ikan patin is about RM6 to RM8 depending on the shops.

On day one, we tried the ikan patin for dinner at the Gerai MPT Lurah Semantan. It is located by the river. We had a portion of ikan patin per pax excluding Atih and my dad. My dad don't eat tempoyak while Atih was being so-so with the fish. Our supper for tonight was Zinger Tower from KFC. I took the chance to taste the new Heartless Shrimp which is basically shrimp nuggets. However, it was tasty as well since I love seafood.

After checking out from Hotel Seri Malaysia Temerloh, we had lunch at the same place, but different stall. We had been to this stall last year in a very hot blazing sun weather. I remembered how we enjoyed the ikan patin there with sweating all over the my face. This time, the condition didn't differ much, the weather was hot and the place was still crowded by hungry customers. Like yesterday, we took one each also without any feeling of sharing. :D

We drove back to Shah Alam after the meal because Angah was planning to bring Arissa's to my mom's house.

Arissa wasn't in the good mood that day because... her mom was there as well. She kept on crying until Kak Kyra had to dukung her. We all just observed her from far.


I was lucky that KL was having a holiday today because Arissa came again today. Angahdidn't work today so he brought Arissa home. Since her mom wasn't there, I got the chance to play a lot with her. Haa, baru puas hati boleh main lama2 dengan Arissa..

Then, Mak Induk and Pak Su came with nenek. Pak cik Nan also dropped by. So, I postponed my return to Bukit Jalil tomorrow..


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