Monday, February 8, 2010

One Burden Goes Away

Finally, I presented my topic Hypertension today..

I don't know whether I did good or not, but it's a relief that one burden was finally taken away from me.

I got Low Bee Yan as my evaluator. Luckily she wasn't as strict as Keivan..

Hypertension by me

and the lecturer asked about the drug combination T-T

Now, got 4 more things to do before this semester ends.

1. Microbiology Practical Report (done!)
2. Microbiology Class Test (no carry mark! YEAAAA!!!)
3. Pharmacology Wet Lab Report (partially done)
4. Biopharmacy Class Test


LoLLy~ said...

uwaaaaa....!! x aci r ko wat keje cpat, hate u!

Unknown said...

aci x aci.. jnji siap.. hak3..
dont hate because of what i am..
hate me because im hot.. oops~

LoLLy~ said...


cahaya wawa said...

u're so lucky babe, boleh pkai slides utk presentation. us?? pakai kapur ngan black board je.. :(((

Unknown said...

eh babe, kapur n blackboard lebih berkesan utk kasi org paham...

anisz said...

kunonye manipal..sian madu haku..

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