Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work... Work.. Why?

Arghhh... Got so many works to do! This semester nearly ends, but so many works I accumulates.. Foundation Pharmacy First Draft and Physiology Project Report.

Foundation Pharmacy almost finished, only left summary part and references. Why the references part is so difficult and tedious? My head gonna blow already, thinking about the correct way to do it.. Aigoooo... *pening2 lalat sekejap*

Physiology Project Reports? Haven't write a word on it. But I already discuss with my partner, Yunn Shuen which parts we going to do respectively. But I am sure that I have a LOT to write. But my supervisor is so sempoi one.

And as a bonus, Statistics Class Test is coming up. 7 September. Which means I have about less than 2 weeks to study, do revision and some exercises.

Not forget, we have oral for BM (ujian lisan) coming up, same week as Statistics Test. Why we have to take BM? It's like redoing our SPM.

That's all for now..

Roger and Kenny Rogers... eh, silap... ROger and Out!


cahaya wawa said...

chaiyookkk!!!! do ur works... but dun forget to buka puasa n gonjeng with us nnt... miss you!!!

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