Friday, August 7, 2009


Yesterday was a day that me, Anis and Bee felt extremely boring. Plus, we got a briefing by Miss Susan from Strathclyde at 5.30 pm. Our class finished at 12.15 pm, so we had about 5 hours gap. At home, I was checking the showtimes for the new movie, G.I. Joe by browsing through GSC and TGV websites. I discussed with Anis if she want to watch this movie. Then, Bee also want to join us. I didn't book any tickets because the reservation for 2.30 pm was full, which means we could just try to walk in at the counter later.

We left Vista C quite late, at about 2.30 pm and arrived at Berjaya Times Square at 3.15. We directly went to GSC, hopefully to choose any showtimes which doesn't overlap with of briefing later. Then, only 4.10 pm show was available, so we all lost hope. While Bee was trying some outfits at Mna, Anis and I tossed a coin to see whether we should skip the briefing or not. The result was 3 'don't escape' in a row. So we decided not to watch any movie today and planning to go to the briefing. Ahh, If we left Bukit Jalil after class ,we might have a chance to watch the 2.30 show.

Then, we continue our day by touring around the mall, without any particular purpose, just to kill some time before 5.30. Anis bought a new slippers while I bought my Transformers toys as usual. This time, I bought Legend Class Devastator from Takara, not the Hasbro one.

At 4.30 pm, we decided to have an early dinner (very early indeed). Anis and I always wanted to try the Korean food at Hankuk Ramyun but Bee objected. She is a truly Malay girl. Her Malay tougue is not comfortable with non-Malay cuisine. So, Bee left us there and went to Papa John's instead, alone. Pity her.. =( .. The restaurant owner was very friendly. We had a little conversation with her about Korean food and language also. I tried the Cheese Ramyun while Anis ordered Spicy Seafood Ramyun. The ramyun (noodles) were served with kimchi and horse radish.

Hankuk Ramyun

Seafood Rice Ball (given free by the owner of the restaurant)

Spicy Seafood Ramyun

Cheese Ramyun

a free gift from the restaurant (for this week only, while stock last!)

At 5, we still hadn't finished our meal yet. Mine was almost finished, but Anis' only halfway eaten. Then,

Hazwan : Eh, sempat ke nak balik ni? Dah pukul 5.
Anis : Ntah, sempat ke tak eh? Cuba tanya Bee
tuut tuut~ (calling Bee)
Hazwan : Bee, dah habis makan ke?
Bee : Dah nak habis dah, jap lagi datang sana.
Hazwan : Ok2 (mematikan panggilan)
Anis : Bee cakap apa?
Hazwan : Kejap lagi dia datang sini.
*Jam menunjukkan jam 5.15 petang

Then, we left the restaurant and meet Bee outside.

Hazwan : Camne ni?
Anis : Anis tak rasa macam nak balik.
Bee : Saya pun.
Hazwan : Oklah, kita ponteng jela. Dah tak sempat pon.

Zooommmm, we all rushed back to GSC to purchase 6.30 pm show. Haish, if we watched 4.10 show also okay what.

Then, we continued jalan2 again and later we happily and nervously entered the cinema hall, still thinking about the importance of the briefing by Susan. We decided to forget about it until the movie ended. Anis texted Fariz and Cipak asking about the briefing but none were replied. We all became so damn 'cuak' about it, but still managed to forget about it as the movie went along. Bee was not that 'cuak' since the is used to ponteng class so often.

The movie was great! A lot of action, got beautiful and sexy heroin, plus handsome hero. This movie starring Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Dennis Quaid and Marlon Wayans. Sure will attract people to watch this movie. This movie started with the history which happened in the past for a few minutes, and the rest indicates the present time. It's more about the latest weapon, nanomites which were used to consumed metal. As usual, the bad guys stole it and want to use it to destroy the world, very cliche right? Then, the heroes came, save the world. The end.. The suits wore by Duke and Ripcord were so powerful. They can run faster, jump higher and got a hand machine guns also. The ending also indicates that there'll be a sequel in the future.

After the movie ended, Anis said that Cipak had replied her SMS telling that the briefing was not that important. We were so excited, surprised and happy at the same time. So, we decided to stay for a while. Then, Bee bought a new shoes. Before we headed back, we dropped by Aunt Anne's to buy drinks and Krispy Kreme to buy a dozen of doughnuts.

on our way back in the LRT

Ahh, I'm glad that we didn't go back earlier. Even though we kinda rushed here and there, but we managed to do our main purpose today which was to watch G.I Joe. Waahhhh, so relief *sigh*

Back at home, I enjoyed the doughnuts with Duwe. Since Wanji was away (at Achik's house,) we left him 2 pieces in the fridge.

Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Glaze, Cappuchino, Almond, Peanut, and Dark Chocolate. Yum2~

As usual, I played with my newly bought Devastator. It took times to open up all the packaging, and also read the manuals.

Back row : Scavenger, Overload, High Tower
Front row : Long Haul, Rampage, Scrapper, Mixmaster




LoLLy~ said...

cm bosan jek cte tuh
aku hengat cte lawak,huh

Unknown said...

x bosan r.. bes.. penuh aksi yg mencabar.. ko xtau gi joe? hish, ko dok kampung mane la ni..

anisz said...

panjang bjela-jela cm roti jala post rush ni..n itu btol ke dialog kte? aku sendri x engat aku ckp pe..

NikTim said...

woah..i want that free gift!btw..hankuk ramyun tu kt floor mane?

Unknown said...

hankuk ramyun kt tingkat LG.. dekat ngn exit cold storage..

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