Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today is Sunday. There's some sort of a carnival at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. So, Anis, Fariz and I went there to take a look around the stadium. Anis and Fariz were very excited about the Street Shuffle Competition. Since I got nothing to do today, I just gave them a company. Just sitting and watch for the competition. There's two categories for this competition which were individual and groups.

Before the show started, we were served by a performance by a lad, who impersonated Michael Jackson. It was quite a boring performance though.. Later, the show started with the individuals first and after a quick break, it resumed with group. During the break, there was a balloon blowing competition.

The opening performance

Individual Category:

Group Category:

Some show were quite impressive, and some were boring. The interesting one was a 5-year-old boy shuffling on the stage. It's kinda cute and he got a big applause from the audience. Later we got chance to take photos with the kid. Anis called him to our side and then we took picture together.

a cute girl who sat besides us

a blurrr picture of us

with 5 years old shuffler.. cute eh?

Anis and Fariz were very anxious and eager to take photos with the shufflers but they were shy. It didn't look like the shuffler were ready to take photos with us, because they always sticked to their groups.

There's a lot of booth selling for outside the stadium. Some of them were selling kebab, laksa, meatballs, and also Pizza Hut. While inside, they were mostly selling stuffs like t-shirts, toys, balloons and a lot more.

with Pizza Hut's cheese

After all the performances had ended, we went back to Vista. Before that, we dropped by an ice cream stall to grab some ice cream to be licked along our way to the LRT station.


LoLLy~ said...

sape tah yg menang,hahaha

anisz said...

adik aku..lalala!~

Unknown said...

ntah, sape tah menang..

LoLLy~ said...

mesti r team aku..!! ^_^

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