Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday & Baby

Last Saturday, there is a small 15th birthday celebration at my house for my younger brother, Sufi. This was actually a last minute plan since at first, I didn't plan to go home last weekend with intention to study at Vista. Then, I remembered something about my brother's plan to bring his baby to my house. Thus, right after class which ended at about 4 o'clock on Friday, I directly called my brother to pick me up.

Today's menu are:
1. Fried kuetiau
2. Rice with dishes (quail egg sambal, vegies, chicken curry)
3. Roasted chicken and stingray
4. Mashed potato with instant mushroom gravy
5. Coleslaw
6. Mushroom soup
7. Garlic bread
8. Grilled lamb
9. Chocolate Strawberry cake (from Secret Recipe)

My mom got a replacement class today so she came home at noon. My sister came early to help me out with the cooking. Actually, my mom already prepared some dishes before she went to school, but as usual, I was assigned to make some Western food. I made the coleslaw (my signature dish), mashed potato (just learned from Chef at Home yesterday) and roasted some chicken in the oven.

Sufi and his cake

After done with eating, my brother and sister in-law came with their 3-week-old Arissa. Ah, finally, I can see the baby after 3 weeks I didn't see her. Then, we played a bit with the baby who was sleeping most of the time. Once she woke up, she will cry asking for milk. Waaa, very cute~ :)

Then, some time later, near night time, Mak Ina and her family came to see the baby. Then, we reheated all the food (still got lot more), luckily they came, so it won't be a waste. Then, I ate again for dinner.

On Sunday, I studied a bit before I suddenly fell asleep. Lol~


amirahms said...

fuyyoo! tuh kecik2 dah pakai baby GAP gituh..nnti dah beso mesti stylo pakai chanel je..hehe

Unknown said...

haha.. mestilah bergaya..

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