Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Ramadhan

To all my Muslim friends,

Tomorrow will be the first day of Ramadhan, so here I want to take the chance to wish you all:


May this holy month will become a platform for us to seek forgiveness among ourselves and improve our attitudes and do a plenty of good deeds.

Try your best to fast during the whole month, don't skip any if you have no valid reason. Encourage yourself to go to surau or mosque for Terawih prayer.

Have a nice month!



anisz said...

hesh tibe2 ade word cheers lak kt bawah skali..x menahan~

Azril Azizi said...

ello..selamat berpuasa jugak..^_^

Unknown said...

apela yg x menahannye.. kne la ceria2 tym pose.. sbb tu cheers~ haha..

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