Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Today, we celebrate Mother's Day at Manhattan's Fish Market, Subang Parade.

We had quite a meal there. I ate a lot because there's a lot proportion of food served. As usual, I became the garbage bin, eating all the remaining food.

Yum yum..

All family members were here except my older brother who's having a practical at Johor Bahru.

To mom, thanks for everything. Thanks for taking a good care of me all this long... Thanks for all the food you cook.. and thanks for taking me to travel a lot during holidays.. You're the best mom in the world! Love you..

As usual, we dropped by a toy shop.. Toys R Us.. Just to see if any new Trasnformers toys has come out or not..


Unknown said...

wah... jelles nyer tgk ade yg celebrate cam ni! I gak yg x leh nak celebrate... sob sob..... al-Fatihah to My Mum...

Unknown said...

ala pn lin, ni first tym tau smbt mother's day ramai2.. besenye x smbt.. hehe..

al-fatihan kpd arwah ibu pn lin

smoga pn lin terus tabah mghadapi dugaan..

cahaya wawa said...

iwa.. i saw that toy ... u bought it x?? huuu~~ transformers je ek kejenye..

Unknown said...

x bli pn.. nk tggu toys utk muvi baru kuar.. hehe..

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