Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun Fairing

Huuu, so tired after 2 days of outing.. Yesterday we went to Sunway Pyramid and today we went to fun fair which is located nearby Vista.

We just had some fun there. Didn't play much since the rides were quite costly. The entry fee was RM3. One token cost RM2. Some extreme rides required 4 tokens to play which was about RM8.. I had made a bit calculation about all the rides there, and it would cost RM100 to play all the rides. WTF? Genting and Sunway Lagoon are much cheaper than that...

buying tokens

First, we played the X Coaster, basically a roller coaster which can spin around. It looked simple, but yet quite scary. It costed 3 tokens (RM6). It was okay, the ride was quite short.

Then, the boys tried the Top Shot, the spinning upside down thing. The girls didn't dare to tried on it.

Later, we dispersed out in the fun fair, some played the Ferris Wheel and some play Water Jumping. It's funny when Nabila's boat got stucked on the way. Lol..

Then, Ridhwan played the Challenger, and it's kinda the second scariest ride after Vortex. He did played it twice, the second time with Fariz and Nabila who were seduced to play by Ridhwan.

After checked out from the place, we dropped by the restaurant near the lake for supper.

Looks like we will meet each other again after 5 weeks of holiday.

Happy holiday!

See you all next semester!


Anonymous said...


kesiannye bee, stuck!

fun fair da tutop da, xsempat ak mrase

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