Thursday, May 7, 2009


the happiest and 'fall'est moment

After 4 days struggling for our end of semester 1 exam, we were finally free!!!

We went to Sunway Pyramid soon after we finished our last paper which is Biopharmacy which was quite tough for me.. to celebrate our freedom.. It was such a relief..

We had a very huge lunch at Chicken Hartz. There's a lot of food mainly chickens.

Then, we went to ice rink to play ice skating.

It was very tiring playing this thing. My feet ached during the play. Poor Wanji, he had to stopped early because his leg got cramped. But others seemed to play well. Nabila had a hard time falling, eh no, swimming on the ice. Her jeans was all wet until it changed to darker colour.

After a hard time in the ice rink (I kept on falling even though this was not my first time playing it), and also crashed on several people, we all dispersed in the mall.

~miss whatever~

miss whatever and family

All of us got things to buy secretly. However, Wanji and Fariz were 'kantoi' by me and Ridhwan in a gift shop where they actually bought a belated birthday present for me.

I also bought something for Wanji and Fyruz as their birthday are coming soon, which are in next week.

After a long searching and waiting (the girls were really hard to gathered, they were always the slowest ones), we went to the Jusco food court to celebrate a trio birthday (me, Safwan & Fyruz). We just had our dinner, no cake was provided but I received quite a lot of presents. Thanks you alls! I'd really appreciate them.

what's so funny?

Thanks to:

Anis for the love cushion
Aleen & Mirah for the Famous Amos cookies & bear
Nabila for the cute frog lamp
Fariz, Wan & Wanji for the Ape bank
Fyruz & Cipak for the black plush cat
and also Jah who gave me her present exactly on my birthday which is a phone strap..

Happy 21st Bithday to Wanji and Fyruz!!

Semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki, ceria2 selalu~

Happy Holiday!!


emma songall said...

waaaa, i spot Fariz..
muh deskmate tyme muda-mudi dulu.
btw, nice blog.
jalan2 mood.

cahaya wawa said...

huu.. sangat enjoy.. i do miss malaysian food.. n oso sunway pyramid.. huhuhuhu.. tk me there dear.. but nex holiday tym pose.. mama sure x bg i kua2 ngan u'ols

Unknown said...

nape tym pose xleh kuar? jom la buka pose same2...

Anonymous said...


haah Wawa ni, dahla aritu ak xsempat jupe ko, time constrain.

buka pose sama, kat Madam Kwan's gitu. lolz

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