Sunday, May 10, 2009

After EOS - Day 3

Cousin's Wedding

This ceremony took place in Cheras at my aunt's house of course. Here are some photos during the wedding.

Kak Kyra : No photo please! I'm fat.. <-- due to pregnancy.. hehehe...

After Wedding

We went to Times Square. This time, my outing didn't involved any of my friends. I went out with my sister and her husband and also my younger brother.

We watched Wolverine at the IMAX up there, but so unlucky that it wasn't in 3D. Very few people watch the show since this movie was already shown for the past 2 weeks.

had a quick meal before movie

Then, my sister asked me what I want for my birthday present and I requested a small sling bag (which is very useful during travel) and also a new wallet. Even though my younger brother's birthday still a long way to go, but he also got a present which was a remote control helicopter. Huh, so unfair...

Then, we went to a quite a few of toy shop there to survey some toys. My brother in law and I shared the same interest in Transformers toys. We love toys a lot! Lol...

Then, my sisters went to Nichii to grabbed some dresses. She picked and tried on quite a lot of clothes but ended up purchasing 3 of them.

part-time model.. haha..

Before going home, we had a late dinner at Kelana Jaya, at one Chinese Muslim restaurant. The food was good and I loved the kedondong asam boi juice there. It's so refreshing.

And there's an uncle asking my brother in-law to belanja him. At first, we were quite shocked, but then, we assumed that the uncle wasn't in a good mental condition. I don't want to call him 'crazy' because he didn't looked like one.

It was quite a tiring day. 3 days of outing surely made my leg tired and ache...


Anonymous said...


hadek2 dpt bday present ek, caras jorh, mmg asam boi kedondong!

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