Saturday, March 14, 2015

Janda Baik | Pahang

Assalamualaikum & Have a good day peeps~

So, new year has finally come. 2015 please be good to me, let me be happy all the time. Hehe.. As a start, our first trip this year was to Janda Baik which is located in Pahang. What's so special about this place? Janda Baik offers a very calm and isolated waterfall and stream plus the location which is near to Kuala Lumpur also become one of our reason to visit here. Based from Waze or Google Map, Janda Baik is located only 74km from our home in Shah Alam, thus it only took one hour plus to reach there.

This was my first time in Janda Baik. My mom had booked Teratak Pak Lah which is wooden chalet which offers quite a reasonable price ranging from RM60 to RM100 per night depending on room types. Some rooms have attached bathroom and some don't. They also provide BBQ area and stoves if you required one.

We arrrived at the chalet at noon on the 1st of January. We unloaded our stuffs (well my mom packed almost everything from home including food and kitchen utensils). Then we rest a bit before we enter the stream. The water quite cloudy maybe because it was raining a bit. We dipped our bodies in the water and enjoyed the moment for a while before starting our BBQ session. Since they didn't provide fridge, thus we put our cold food items in the river just to make sure they were kept cold. Hahaha..

Fefeeling Harry Potter.. haha

For me, this place is very convenient as it has nearby stream. Just go out from your room and your can take a bath in the cold running water immediately. The water is very cold but very refreshing.

The next morning, we prepared some breakfast which is egg mayo sandwich and noodle soup. Then, we entered the stream again for the final time before we headed out for Friday prayer. After prayer, we took a rest and then checked out at 4 pm. The owner was very lineant, he said we could checked out later since there was no other guests checking in. Alhamdulllah..

Might come back here in the future. I recommended my friend to go here and she said she love it!


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