Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bali | Indonesia [Day 4 - End] - Uluwatu

Yuhuuuu, so today was our last day in Bali after spending 3 nights here. I was happy and sad simultaneously. Happy because I could go back home, sad because I need to go to work tomorrow. Huhuhu.. Ok, back to my final entry for Bali. After checking out for our hotel, we continued with our tour to Uluwatu. We had plenty of time before heading to airport since our flight was in the late afternoon. Along our way to Uluwatu, we stopped by several beaches to take some photos.

Pandawa Beach

Located near rocky cliffs, this place is quite sandy and dusty due to hot weather. We did not go down until the beach itself, we just took photos from the above in between the cliffs. That was because we did not want to wet our shoes as we already kept our slippers in our luggage. So lazy to take them out. Hehehe.. However, the view was very nice here. Very windy but the sun was blazing bright at that moment. Therefore we spent only a minimal time here.

Padang Padang Beach

Next, Padang Padang Beach. They said this beach had become a filming location for Julia Roberts but I was unsure in what movie. Whatever la. Anyway, this beach has a very magnificent view with abundance of seaweed on the sand along the beach. There are some mini rock islands as well which makes this place to beautiful. However, in order to reach this beach, you had to climb down series of long stairs. Berpeluh jugak la. There were a lot of foreigners at the beach suntanning themselves. There was a couple of Australians offering us their help to take photos. Very nice. Love Australians.


Finally, our final stop before heading to the airport. Although this was my third time in Bali, this was the only time that we managed to reach Uluwatu. This location is very popular among tourists and has become one of the famous filming locations. Quite similar to Cliff of Moher in Ireland, Uluwatu Cliff offers nature beauty. If the weather was a bit cool, we might spent more time here. The hot weather made us wanna leave this place quickly. Since this place is located uphill, thus the heat was overwhelming. You need to be careful here because there are a lot of monkeys and they grabs. Food, glasses and whatever you have in your hands. So please be extra careful ok.

[the end]


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