Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bali | Indonesia [Day 2] - Kintamani & Kecak Dance

Assalamualaikum & Have a good day peeps~

Let's continue our journey in Bali for our second day here. Our main agenda today was to go to Kintamani which is a highland where Gunung Batur is located. I was really excited to feel the cool and calming atmosphere on a high place like that. Must be very soothing.

Batik Craft - Sari Amerta Batik Bali

Indonesia is famous for its batik arts and Bali is included. Here, there are a lot of batik galleries that you could visit depending on where your driver took you. In this batik gallery, there is a workshop outside where we could observed the process of making batik from scratch. Some was drawing, some was weaving and some was busy with sewing machine. Batik from Indonesia and Malaysia differs in their designs and motives. One can simply tell batik come from which country by looking at the designs. There was one guy drawed a dragon and it was awesome. I love the design. Some batik utensils such as stamps and pens were also displayed alongside with the finished batik product. After spending some time in this workshop, we went inside the shop. They sell a lot variety of batik products ranging from cloths, t-shirts, dress, handicrafts and many others. I did not purchase any since there was nothing suits my taste. Maybe in some other shops.. Hehehe..


We visited one art gallery which is I Wayan Arnaya. My mom bought a few painting here. The price for art pieces here is quite expensive compared with the one in the market. I could the the difference in their quality and designs. The painting here was made by different class of artists. If the picture was painted by juniors, the price is cheaper.

Coffee Tasting - Dewi Agrowisata

Located at Gianyar, Dewi Agrowisata is a coffee farm and it has a very nice view where you ccan sit and relax while enjoying the greenery. I think most people already knew what is 'kopi Luwak' which is basically coffee beans eaten by fox called Luwak and then when the Luwak pooped, the coffee beans that are still intact are collected and processed into a coffee powder. Ermmm ermmmmm.. Geli sebentar. There is one Luwak here in the farm but he was sleeping at that time. This place served 9 types of coffee and tea. There are lemongrass tea, vanilla coffee, coconut coffee, roselle tea, ginseng coffee and many others. Luwak coffee is sold at Rp50,000 per cup. I grabbed a few packs of vanilla coffee and lemongrass tea  They also planted vanilla beans here

Luwak is sleeping

Vanilla plant


Finally we reached here around 2 pm. My belly was already growling a few times because we were already late for lunch. We stopped at Batur Sari Restaurant. Our lunch was buffet style priced at Rp100,000. The was okay, Indonesian style. I like the onion rings and chicken satay. After finishing our lunch, we performed our prayer at the musholla nearby. Next, we took photos with Gunung Batur as the background. It was a very nice view, reminding me of Mount Bromo in Surabaya. Breathtaking scenery with blue sky.


This is a good place to view rice terrace. Our driver took us here for a few minutes for photo session. It's a very nice view here. The rice terrace was beautiful. A lot of restaurants alongside the roads giving their customers a view of rice terrace. There are quite many tourists stopped by here to take photos but we chose a spot where there was less people.

Kecak & Fire Dance

It's nearly dusk, thus it was time for Kecak & Fire Dance. We dropped by this place on our way back to Kuta. I forgot how much it cost. The dance lasted for about an hour or so. Quite okay but I was not into it. Kalau Kpop ok kot. Hahaha..

Fuhhhh, quite a lot of activities we did today. So damn tired. It's time to have dinner and rest. See ya tomorrow.

[to be continued]


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