Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bali | Indonesia [Day 1] - Tanah Lot & Hard Rock Cafe Bali

Assalamualaikum and have a good day all~

Today I'm in a mood to blog, so I wanna write about my recent journey to Bali. This was my third time visiting Bali. However, each visit gave us different experiences. There were not all the same. We covered a few different places of interest.

As usual, we took a morning AirAsia flight. The ticket fare was quite cheap as we purchased them during promotion. One person cost about RM200 plus for a return ticket. Quite cheap right? The journey took approximately 3 hours from KLIA2. My advice is please come early to KLIA2 because you need to walk quite a distance to reach the boarding gate especially for international flight. You need to cross the Skybridge which took around 20 to 30 minutes. I don't mind walking that far and for old folks, buggy ride is provided.

Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar now has a totally different look after a makeover. It was way better and prettier than the last time I stepped my feet here. The location is still the same but according to our driver, the entrance gates where changed. Since we arrived at noon, we straightly headed to our lunch place.

Fly high

Airport entrance

Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro

One of Indonesian speciality is soft-boned chicken. I don't how they cooked it, but the chicken bones were very tender dan can be consumed. This was my first time trying this dish but second time for my parents and brother as they already had it previously in Jogjakarta. Although the food here was yummy, the price was yummy as well. Lol. We tried two type of chicken dishes, fish, and tofu. Not forgetting our favourite avocado juice. Served with a dash of chocolate syrup which lined the glass. It's a must try drink. Very rare in Malaysia, but common in Indonesia.

Es alpokat & es jeruk

Ayam madu

Ayam pedas

Sup ikan

Tanah Lot

We checked in our hotel at Kuta before we continued our journey to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is famous for its sunset view and the stunning view of temple (pura) and rocky mossy beach. Many dramas and films were shoot here, including some dramas from Malaysia as well. The view was so romantic and that makes this place is a perfect spot for honeymoon. There were a few rows of shops including souvenir shops and some restaurants. They also sell souvenir at the roadside. I could see some wedding photoshoot down there. There was a couple of man surfed the tides as well. We waited there until the sunset. However, due to thick cloud we were unable to watch the sunset clearly. As soon as the sun was blocked by the cloud, we quickly headed back to our car. We had our dinner at Restoran Malang, a local restaurant. They serves Thai food and western food as well. It's a good place to eat since it's halal and very clean.


Hard Rock Cafe Bali

Tadaaa, our main interest here is to visit and shop at Hard Rock Cafe Bali. We heard that there's a big sale going on. 50% off for all item. Ok, I was crazy at that time. I grabbed a lot of stuffs. We need to queue up and leave our bags outside. We could see there's a lot of people inside the Rock Shop. Omooo, I hope they have a lot of stocks left. I wanna grab some t-shirts and a lot of pins. So I bought 8 pins for myself and a few pins for my friends. I grabbed some t-shirts as well. And for my friends too. Then af friend suddenly wanted a teddy bear. So I bought him as well. I spent around Rp2,000,000 there. Hehehe.. I saw many people bought a lot of things. Like 10 t-shirts or so. Wehuuuuuu.. What a night. The sale only for Hard Rock Cafe, not Hotel. Thus, on the way back to our hotel, we dropped by the Hotel Rock Shop to buy some stuffs. Although there was no discounts, I did purchase a t-shirt and a few more pins.

Hard Rock Cafe, The Rock Shop

Hard Rock Hotel, The Rock Shop

Definitely gonna sleep with a smile on my face tonight. I got what I want. Hihihi..

T-shirts for everyone. Pinsssss for me!

[to be continued...]


just.HY said...

Byk giler ko beli weh! Hahaha

Unknown said...

50% off wehhhh.. kenot tahan anymore.. haha

Farikica said...

U mean HRC th-shirts for 50%? Mmg bargain gila2 tu... and then it seems like they have plenty of designs.. not like in some Rock Shops, design hidop segan mati x mau...

Kopiolimauice said...

best nye! best nye! makanan kt sana nampak sedap2 view pon semua cantik2

Unknown said...


50% for all item in hard rock cafe.. yg banyak design tu hotel.. so x included dlm sale.. huhu

yup view mmg subhanallah cantiknye,, mkn kne hati2 sikit sbb x byk mknn halal..

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