Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kuching the 7th (Part One)

Assalamualaikum & have a good day all~

Kuching the 7th? Yup, that's how many times I had visited Kuching already. But this time, we had an addition of family member. Since I have previously blogged about Kuching before, hence this time I would like to highlight on the interesting places that we went and places to eat as well. So, it's gonna be short and precise, no long winding sentences. Haha..

View from our hotel room. Quite nice.

Parliament building 

Quick meal before heading out. Ordered through room service. Sedap!


Dinner for first night here

Our favourite spot. Bukit Mata Seafood. No. 22

Various dipping and chillies

Midin goreng belacan, todu in oyster sauce, crab soup & butter prawn.. simply gouty..

Ayam pansoh (Bamboo-cooked chicken)

Cat monument in the city. There are a few monuments that we didn't go.

2nd day breakfast at hotel. Nice food nice service.

Driver and co-gamer.. Hahaha

Sarawak Cultural Village
Where to go?

Sarawak Cultural Village. Pun dah banyak kali pergi. >.<

Sticker to be put on shirt so you don't get lost. Eh?

Family photo!

Head hole tribal cartoon board. 

While waiting for the cultural show

Yang kurik kundi yang merah saga.. baik budi indahlah bahasa ohh ohhh~

Joget lambak

Rumah Bidayuh. Rumah kau macam mana?

Model titian kayu

Khusyuk memerhati proses tenunan. Ini real.

Makcik jual apa makcik oi?

Mujur tak roboh. I'm fat.

Window to Narnia.

Bla bla bla~

Don't forget to try out the sumpit. RM1 for 3 shots.

Penan Hut.

Whatever house. 

Like usual, mother loves to buy snacks and kuih.

Rumah Melanau.

Bersilalah pulak.

[to be continued]


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