Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kuching the 7th (Part Two)

Hello & good day~

Continuation from previous post. This time we covered Medan Niaga Satok, Cat Museum, Kampung Boyan and Waterfront.

Enjoy the photos~ :)

Visiting my friend's house. My batchmate. My housemate.

Medan niaga Satok at dusk.

A variety of Sarawak layer cake

Kau nak yang mana?


Kubah Ria.

Dinner place. Kopi O Corner.

Nasi goreng ikan masin.

Fried kuetiau.

Beef kuetiau.

Breakfast. Again..

Cat Museum @DBKU
Heading to DBKU (Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara). Cat Museum is located here.

Untuk Masyarakat Berbudaya? For cultural community?

Souvenir hunting.

Big meow.

Meow's t-shirt.

Meow's collection.

3D Art

It's a cat, it's a tiger. No, it's a cheetah.

Cat goes gaga.

Outdoor view.

Mee kolok for lunch.

 Kampung Boyan

Mira Cake House. Survey dulu.

Shelves of layer cake.

Wanna try some?

Aaron Aziz versi kek lapis.

Ok let's move on to another shop.

Dayang Salhah Kek Lapis.

Sekali tu terjumpa Aaron Aziz betul2 kauuu.. Baru je sebut2 nama kek lapis tu kan..

Hasil tangkapan. Yummy~

Kuching Waterfront
Strike a pose. Pose robot.

Mini fort?

Busy with phone.


Magnets #1

Magnets #2

Selfie in the mirror

River and boat

T-shirt shopping

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 #vmy2014

Sharkfin soup

Enjoying our last dinner here

Black pepper crabs!

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy the photos that I've shared here. Will be going to Kuching again for my friend's wedding. Nak kirim?



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