Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pharmacy Family Day 2013

This story happened around in June but only now I feel like blogging about it. 

Pharmacy Family Day this year had a unique theme which was Cowboys/Cowgirls. Thus, we had to dress up like desert-like cowboy-style. Haha.. I was appointed as paksarela emcee for the night alongside Hemah. I really don't like being an emcee because I myself quite don't like appearing on the stage. Stage fright gitewww.. But since no one wanted to take the job and the person who appointed me said that I'm good in BM so she chose me although I wasn't supposed to be in the emcee list. Mana orang lain? Orang lain boleh reject tapi aku tak boleh eh? Bias di situ..

Ok la, so event started at 6 pm with games and puzzles. I took part in bowling. Other games included jigsaw puzzle, teka aksi and musical chair. All the pharmacy staffs were divided randomly into 4 groups. Group names included Wild Wild Us, Rhodeo, Sheriffs and Midnight Kaw Kaw. I was in Sheriff group with the leader Kak Ros. Games were started with musical chairs and others started simultaneously after that. I haven't played bowling for a while so there was a few times the ball went into the longkang.

Oh ya, the event took place in Austin Hill Golf Resort which is situated not far from our hospital. After the games finished, we had a quick break before the dinner started at 8 pm. I went to the changing room to take a quick bath and changed into cowboy attire. Luckily there is a prayer room inside the changing room. There's a few Jacuzzi as well. 

Then, sharp at 8 pm we started our ceremony. After a brief introduction, we invited Pn. Mai to gave her speech and also to launch the event. Followed by doa recital by Haji Sam and the dinner. As the dinner started, we asked the first group to prepare for their performance. Food for tonight was international buffet which included Szechuan fried rice, seafood creamy pasta, mini chicken burger, salads, fried chicken, mushroom soup and a few desserts. For me the food was not good at all. The fried rice was quite hard (maybe uncooked??). The only thing I like was the salads.

For the performance, we had 3 judges ala American Idol. They gave comments each time a performance ended. The judges were En. Bad, Cik Renuka and Cik Shafika. Some of the performances were very funny but some were very lame and too draggy. I was surprised that my group performance was very funny. 

Towards the end, we had prize giving and gift exchange. I got an 8GB pendrive. Our group got second place for overall mark. Congrats to us! We received RM250 as the prize. The grand price which was a stay at Austin Hill Golf Result went to Kak Wati. Congrats!

That's all for the night. I quite really enjoyed the night except the part being an emcee. I don't like being an emcee. Full stop.


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