Sunday, August 4, 2013

Iftar @Mutiara Hotel

Alhamdulillah, finally got the chance to have iftar at hotel like I desired. 

Initially we planned to go to Blue Wave Hotel but later the plan changed to Mutiara Hotel. Mutiara Hotel. This hotel is located in the city near KSL City Mall. Quite easy to be located and the road is quite straightforward. Not so far from my grandma's house actually, can reach within 5 minutes. The participants were the kakak2 pharmacists from our hospital. Don't feel strange, because I'm the only Malay male pharmacist in the entire hospital. So sad.. Hahaha.. Oh ya, the price is RM83 per person.

The restaurant name is Seri Mutiara Restaurant and is located at the lobby. Many tables were arranged including in the hallway. We surveyed the menu first after finding our reserved table. The menu was very mouthwatering ranging from traditional to western food. There were around 10 types of different colourful drinks as well. In the inside, we could find local menu, western, salads, char kuey teow, kebab, porridge, fruits, dates, ABC, cakes and breads while at the exterior are there were kuih-muih, keropok lekor, fried durian, roti john, grilled fish, mandi rice, cekodok, satay, nasi lemak and mee rebus.

Very colourful




Our table

Local dishes

Lemang, ketam ball and popiah

We started taking the kuih-muih first and later to the main meals. For the first round, I had plain rice with sambal puyuh, fried chicken, sotong masak santan, fried shrimps and gulai rusa. This was my first time trying the venison. After finishing the first round, I went to pray first then continued with the second round. I chose western food this time with prawn fettuccine, chicken lasagna, chicken mushroom, lamb chop with thyme sauce and vegetable au gratin. Sedappppp.. The food was definitely delicious although some of them didn't managed to reach my standard. For example, the kuih lopez which was not sweet at all, the lasagna had less cheese and salty kuah kacang for satay. Other than these, they were perfectly fine.

We left the hotel around 9 pm and bid goodbye to each other. Some of us were already on hari raya leave so I'm not gonna meet them next week.


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