Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Hangover

Weekend hangover ye.. Tajuk macam nak kena penampar je kan.. Tak boleh bagi tajuk yang kontorversi lagi ke? Kau ingat kitorang mabuk2 sampai kena hangover ke? Tidakkkkk ye..... Ok, back to this post..


This weekend had been so effing memorable and joyful where I spend my whole weekends with close friends from INTEC, IMU, MMC, MMU, Parkson, and Petrosains *sentap kau Azery*. First, we celebrated my belated birthday at Chili's KLCC where we unexpectedly met Helmi at KLCC. So we asked him to joined us at Chili's to have a little chit chat with because we haven't seen him for ages since we left IMU few months ago. Badd excited sangat dapat jumpa Helmy Akmal tau.. Dah bertahun2 tak jumpa katanya..

tourists in our own country

Before we had lunch at Chili's, we grabbed the opportunity to watch Fast & Furious 5 which for me, was awesome and fantastic. The actors, the stunts, the cars were all perfect! Berdebar2 jantung tengok cerita ni.. I don't really favour watching action movies in theatre but this one had successfully caught my attention gitu..

Kickin' Jack Nachos

Fire-grilled chicken & Portobello

BBQ Beef Ribs & Chicken

Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers

colourful bottomless drinks

Lunch at Chili's for about one hour or so. The people waiting outside the restaurant was overflowing so we made our quick move. We went to the newly opened UNIQLO which was having an opening sale downstairs. So without thinking much, I purchased a Big Bang t-shirt which cost RM39.90 (RM20 cheaper than original price). Then, Emie bid goodbye because he need to be at Malacca for his other friend's birthday.

sempat beli baju Big Bang

colourful socks

Azery & Badd sempat shopping seluar Giordano

After Azery finished his job at Petrosains, we headed straight to Seremban to overnight at Lukman's house. Before reaching the house, we dropped by Giant hypermarket because Azery need to buy some clothes because he joined us sehelai sepinggang. After having a little bit of rest at the house, we went out again for dinner at Restoran Mak Teh. Sedap jugak Mak Teh masak. The satay tulang (bone satay) is very yummy! First time I tried this food and I'm loving it. Tak pernah jumpa kat tempat lain lagi.. Senawang speciality gitu..

macaroons purchased from Isetan.. super duper sweet!

As usual, before we went to tilam, we had some pillow talks but my eyes were so heavy at that time and I blackout few minutes later...


sebelum bertolak, posing dulu..

As I promised Ida yesterday, we went to Kuala Pilah to eat at her mother's restaurant which was exclusively opened for us today. The restaurant is usually closed on Sunday. We had western food such as grilled chickep, lamb chop, beefsteak, fish & chips and nasi goreng cili padi without vegies and extra pedas. The milkshake here is very milky and yummy but only one flavour is available which is chocolate. Not forget, the pizza was scrumptious as well; the nadee's chicken special flavour was juicy, tasty and crunchy till the last bite. Then Ida's umi belanja us tuna sandwiches for each of us. Sedapppppppppp... Lembut dan disukai ramai!

kedai mak Ida

pizza larga Nadee's chicken special

grilled chicken
lamb chop

fish & chips


melayan tuna sandwich yang sedap..

After melantak and gossiping with Ida, we continued our journey back to Seremban. We dropped Azery at KTM station and Badd at Terminal One because they need to go back already. We surely missed you guys.

sedapnya penumpang2 ni tidur

At night, Thor awaited us at Seremban 2 Jusco. Best sangat! We had a quick bite before we entered the cinema hall. We bought onagiri and sushi from Jusco to alas perut because we were still full with Ida's food. As the movie finished, we had dipper (dinner + supper) at a tom yam restaurant near Lukman's house.

jamban TGV Seremban 2

layan tomyam malam2

Ok, tamat sudah percutian kali ini. It's hard to say goodbye knowing that u only have merely a month to spend you time with family and friends before you continue your study at somewhere far far way. =(

Thanks guys for everything!

meet Gio the rabbit

and Micky the persian cat


ejal said...

no vegies n pedas, siap highlight lg,nice... hahaha

cahaya wawa said...

ouchh muka micky tuh awat macam nak makan orang je.. gerunnnn~!

Unknown said...

@zaimi sang
highlight jgn x highlight.. harus detail kan..

garang tau micky.. mmg menggerunkan...

lukman said...

i'm gonna miss this momment 4eva! tp i'm afraid this word will remain as words... l8r, sume dh jauh-2, the awkwardness comes between us!

Unknown said...

inshaAllah tak awkward kot.. kte kan the charmed one two three gtu..

intern baru said...

awkward bile curi partner msg2 je, lol, buhsan la ipoh, nk balikkkk

Unknown said...

ipoh kan ade jusco.. g la tgk thor lg..

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