Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Make Visa

Visa Application @Wisma MCA

UK Visa application wasn't a simple thing to make as compared to other country's visas. Starting from filling the forms and preparing the related documents weren't easy as it seems. We need to be accurate and precise about the information needed.

After making an appointment with VFS Global, we all went to Wisma MCA separately and met at Ampang Park LRT Station which is situated 5-min walk from the Wisma MCA. VFS Global is located on the 19th floor of the building and the elevator is quite impressive. It moves so fast not like the elevator in Vista Komanwel which is lembab nak mampus. The process may took 20-45 min for each person and just imagined how long we had to wait there. It's killing my time. First, we will be called by the officer at the counter to submit the forms and then went into a small room to do biometric data collection. They took our fingerprints, photos and asked some questions about ourselves just to confirm our ID. Not forget, the visa fee is RM1301 which is quite expensive!

For now, let's pray that no one will face problem about the visa. Mudah2an Allah akan permudahkan segala urusan berkaitan visa dan kelancaran penerbangan kami nanti, inshaAllah..

After all people had finished their visa application, all of us gather at KLCC for the next activity. It's very near, we just walked from Wisma MCA to KLCC and it took about 10 minutes. During the way, we met Chua Soi Lek walking on the pedestrian walk. Kan Cipak kan? Sampai Cipak tak perasan pun dia lalu sebelah siapa... Tengok Anis, aku sebut Chua Soi Lek, dia dengar Chan Sow Lin.. Meriah2... Fariz pulak jalan menonong je ke depan dengan Kak Long. Pantas bagai halilintar.


We didn't really have plan here. So we just randomly walked here and did window shopping while surveying for cheap luggage. We did found the one we desired at Isetan. I hope the sale will last longer because I'm planning to buy it later. Who don't want to buy a Polo or Pierre Cardin luggage for under RM200?? It's cheap okay! Some girls did buy something for the fly-off preparation. However, Wanji and Duwe were nowhere to be seen because both of them were watching Fast & Furious 5 at the TGV cinema.

semua tangan kosong

We were supposed to celebrate Kak Long's birthday since today was here birthday but looked like no one want to plan it. So we just walk again... and walk.. and walk... until Wanji and Duwe finished their movie. So I asked them to buy a cake and met up at the food court.

Azery joined us after he finished his work at Petrosains. Kau memang gigih kumpul duit kan, tapi every week ada je plan kau berjimba2. So, mana duit2 itu pergi? =p.. We celebrated Kak Long plus Wanji's birthday simply delicious *ayat apa nih? tak paham okay!*. The strawberry yogurt cake didn't really taste like cake but more to ice-cream only it wasn't cold. Thanks to the boys who bought the cake. Nice choice! Memang sedap Azery melantak kek tu kan.

tak cukup 3 orang

jurukamera terhandal tp kerja kat petrosains.. fevret baju --> milo

strawberry yogurt cake

birthday girl and boy

Since I didn't bring my camera with me, so there were less photos during the outing. We only depended on Kak Long's camera for today. Ooo, Kak Long dah prepare kamera siap2 sebab dah expect kitorang nak celebrated besday ko kan??? Too bad, Mirah, Bee and Aleen already went back earlier so they couldn't join us during the celebration.

Hurmmm, memang tak best keluar berjimba2 tanpa fund yang mencukupi. Yela, dari rumah bawak RM50 je, then balik rumah dalam wallet tinggal RM4 je.. Nasib baik ada touch n go. Kalau tak, terpaksa jual diri sebab tak dapat tampung tambang balik ke Shah Alam..


2 Days Ago.....

5-Birthdays with Cuppies

Birthdays : Wanji, Kak Long, Anis, Bee & me

mancis paling chantek dalam donia

Million of thanks to Cipak for surprising us with the cuppies! =)
I'm surprised!


cahaya wawa said...

memang leceh kan process visa.. the last time i accompanied my sis buat visa.. mmg leceh.. dah lah baur trun flight from india.. mmg pnat.. btw, ada beli kad utk luggage murah MAS kat kl sentral?? rm 100 = 10 kg kot.. ntah lahhh

Unknown said...

leceh sgt.. dala mahal.. rm1300.. pitam jap.. ktrg nnt nk apply international stdnt card..

LoLLy~ said...

ameen....semoga semuanya berjln lancar, takde delay2 and last minute emergency...anyways aku nampak la chua soi lek, kan pas tuh aku pndg korg

PahPihPuh said...

*Nasib baik ada touch n go. Kalau tak, terpaksa jual diri sebab tak dapat tampung tambang balik ke Shah Alam*


semoga ALLAH permudahkan urusan visa2 kita semua..ameenn

apsal la aku tunduk ke tanah..melepas nak nengok ahli politik..

Unknown said...

yeke? x pasan plak.. haha..

melepas sgt kak pah.. xpe2, yg penting, kakpah prektis dgn shiha lebih2 tau.. kasi menang..

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