Sunday, September 5, 2010

Matta Fair

As promised, my friends and I went to Matta Fair at PWTC to search for a cheaper travel package around Malaysia. As we have approximately 2 months of holidays left, it is best for us to plan our class trip thoroughly.

There's a lot of people in the fair. There are 3 halls; 1 for domestic and 2 for overseas travel. However, we only entered the hall 3 which is for domestic travel because we have no intention to go overseas.

We got a good deal for our Malacca trip. We went to A'Famosa Resort booth and found out that the cost for the accommodation there is quite cheap. I mean, really really cheap. RM8 per night at A'Famosa Resort and without thinking twice, Wanji and I directly booked our place! Plus RM50 for Safari, Water Park & Cowboy Town which is less than the normal price. The normal price is RM98 for the 3 attractions... Best kan?? Time tu la terus mesej every classmates asking for their opinion. Sorry to Aleen for not buying u the ticket because u didn't pick up your phone when I called u this evening.

Then, Bella and Siput booked for Borneo and 'Lukman went to see the agent for his Mulu trip which will take place i don't know when... We still haven't find a good accommodation for our gang trip to Penang at the end of this month. At first, we wanna go for Berjaya, but the price is not too good for students like us.

After bidding goodbye to Wanji because he's going back to Penang later, we continued our day to Sogo. Not for shopping, but to buka puasa at Manhattan's Fish Market. And WTH, it was fully reserved by the time we reached there, which is at 6 pm. So we terpaksa put our names on waiting list and alhamdulillah, we got our seats before 8 pm.

While waiting, we walked along Jalan TAR to teman Bella to search for her tudung raya. She did buy some.

Back to Manhattan, we enjoyed our dinner to the max until our belly couldn't take in more food. Great and funny things happen during our dinner like the kakak2 tamak haloba.. hahaha...

Pasni lepas raya lah baru jumpe korg balik. Slamat bercuti ye!


LoLLy~ said...

'it was fullu reserved'
aku blank n kene digest sejap ape mksud fullu tuh,ngeh3

Unknown said...

dah btol kan la.. fullu fullu... hahaha..

DATO'MK said...

Dear Friend,
Thank you for visiting MATTA FAIR at PWTC. I am the President of MATTA and used to be the Organising Chairman of the fair. Hope you have will come to our fairs to see for yourself the offers travel needs by the various exhibitors. Is very interesting to know and plan your holidays and what you can expect to gain by visiting this travel fair.

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