Saturday, September 4, 2010

Breeks Cafe & Step Up 3D

Just came back from iftar and watching movie with my special friends, Lukman & Bella at IOI Mall, Puchong. This was my first time menjejakkan kaki ke IOI mall. Not bad really..

Even though at first our plan included other 2 peoples, but at the very last minute they couldn't join us due to personal reasons which I don't seem to understand them. To Ida, kuatkan semangat, banyakkan bersabar ye... To Azery, apsal ko ngengade? Nk jadi macam BFF?????

However, the outing with the two was awesome! Tak sia2 dapat kawan macam diorg!

We buka puasa at Breeks Cafe. It's a cafe by Seoul Garden. They got promo sets which are worth to try. Two sets of RM19.90 and RM24.40 are available but we preferred the later one because the choice of food looked more tempting and mouthwatering. The promo set includes a soup, a main meal and a drink which we upgraded to a more expensive drink by adding RM5. To satisfy our nafsu more, we ordered an extra Crunchy Chicken with Curry Rice. Alhamdulillah, we managed to finished our dishes without any pembaziran..

After Maghrib prayer... It's movie time! We watched Step Up 3D. And OMG! The movie was so great! Love the dancing, love the actors, love the props and whatsoever... The 3D effects are amazing as well, love the Slurpee scenes, and LED attires! So colourful! ^^

And finally they kiss kiss... Muah muah muah... XOXO

Then, we had supper at McD. I ate GCB for a second time and also tried the new Groovy Lime Sundae. It tasted like Tropica ice cream.

I'm sleeping over Lukman's house today because my room at Vista is quite empty. Great plan again tomorrow!


Horlic said...

yeah, the Step Up 3D is really a great movie!

LoLLy~ said...

woahh...bottomless pit ye ko!
nak nengok step up!!! uwaaaaa

Unknown said...

step up 3D sgt best!!!!
aku mmg the bottomless pit.. cume x menang jek.. haha..

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