Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to IMU.. To Myself...

What can I say? Welcome to IMU to myself and to my fellow future pharmacists friends.

Vista C, my staying place

The registration day was not really hectic and crowded since our batch only contain about 94 students. I went to IMU with Wanji and Duwe since the are my housemates. In front of the auditorium, we met Qian Hui, Elaine and also Jyun, our former classmates in INTEC. Then, we met the girls.

Then, we had a White Coat Ceremony where we, the juniors were coated by the seniors in front of the dean and also some guests from other universities. By afternoon, we all have nothing to do. Therefore, we plan to cook dinner for us and also our friends. Since the boys' house is more equipped and more furnished, therefore it's easier to gather here. We, the boys went to Carrefour to get some groceries. Our plan was to cook spaghetti bolognaise. We had a quite fun night. It has been a long time we haven't met each other, for about 6 months I think. We hanged out together quite for along time, so many things to talk about, so many gossips to be heard and so many stories to be shared.

I won't write all the things that happen in IMU for the whole last week. I just write the interesting ones.

Mostly, briefing were our main activities for the day. It's kinda boring though, hearing talks which we didn't want to hear.

During the Workshop SPIDER in the ELAB 1, we all had a fun day. SPIDER is a system created specially for Pharmacy student collaborated with University of Strathclyde. So, the Medic students don't know about this program. It's kind of database for us. We can check our results and so on. During the workshop, we all log into the chatroom and talk about funny things. Some of us did condemn the workshop by saying some rough words. The lecturer noticed that and asked us to stop complaining.

We also had our English Placement Test. It's like taking IELTS for the second time but this time without Speaking Session. We nearly late for the test because we got lost in the IMU building.

One day, we had our lab orientation. We were divided into 4 groups. Group C (which I was in) and D were having the lab orientation together. It took quite a long time, about 2 hours. The lecturers explained to us about the apparatusses in the lab and how to use it. I also voluntereed myself to test the pH meter. It's tiring standing for quite a long time.

hands-on the balance

Fariz & Cipak

with Ho Liaug, my new friend

I also met some new friends. Even though I'm not really good in making new friends, I still managed to get some. The counsellor told us to greet the person around us and so I managed to remember some names. There is Jason from Subang, Ho Liaug from Kelantan, Ben, Visha, Kumar, Gerard, Faiz and Chern Fei and others. Also, I got new friends through my orientation group, like Sheetal, Mei Ying, Irene and others again. It's difficult for me to remember Chinese names, maybe later I'll remember more. There is also Pei Yin who shared the same tutor with me which is Dr Gorajana.

the red team (suddenly they also dressed in red like me)

Orientation Day 01

It's Friday and it's our first orientation with the seniors. Today's program was Treasure Hunt, which is finding some sort of cure for the virus which killed almost all the seniors (according to the storyline). This game started after Maghrib prayer. It took placed near IMU and also in Family Park nearby. It was a very dirty, tiring, fun and also smelly day. We were spreaded with floor, water, pond water and also garlic water by the seniors. Our group name is lollipop.

Pop pop pop
Pop to the top,

We'll never stop

Till we're the top,

We're so hot
We'll make you drop,

We're lolli lolli lolli pop

P.O.P. pop!

This is our group cheer and we need to recite it everytime we reached the checkpoint. Some tasks were quite easy, like throwing water balloons into the pail (but other found it difficult). I'm the one who managed to throw it directly into the pail. Even my groupmates asked me to throw the rest of the balloons. Some of the task also quite humiliating and not really suitable for Malay culture like the boy topless pole dance. No wonder the Malay girls refused to join this treasure hunt.

We got the fourth place in this race, which is quite good since it was an eight group battle. The first place was Dynamite. Super Sexy Stalker who think there were so sexy got one place behind us.

my group members and the OOs

after the treasure hunt

It was fun. It was tiring. It was dirty. It was humiliating. I never been this sporting before. Usually I will refused to do anything humiliating, but this time was different. Maybe this was the right time for me to change my attitude, to overcome my shyness.


Mayu said...

mak aih,lawa plak bangunan IMU 2 ek..hehe..

Unknown said...

haha.. lawa2.. tp kecik la..

cahaya wawa said...

heee... iwa dah stat blaja.. dah stat bizi.. x leh nk bat blog byk2 lagi dah

Unknown said...

tula pasal.. bleh blogging once a week je.. huu..

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