Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fariz's Birthday @ Vista

Last Sunday, my friends and I planned to celebrate Fariz's birthday at my place at Vista C. Instead of going out, we planned to cook ourselves. After buying all the things that we needed for the party, we started cooking at 6 pm. We expected the party to started at 8 pm onwards.

At 6, the girls from the house upstairs (Anis, Mirah, Bee & Leen) came to my place to help us , the boys (me, Wanji & Duwe) with the cooking. We had decided to cook fried kuetiau, egg sandwiches, mushroom soup, garlic bread and also chicken nuggets. We took almost 1 hour to prepare all these dishes except the kuetiau. Wanji wanted to fry the kuetiau later.

party preparation

After the girls returned to their house to perform Maghrib prayer, the boys cleaned up themselves for the party. This small party only involved my friends from my class in INTEC, 7M6. At 8 pm, the girls came back again but the birthday girl (Fariz) and her housemates (Cipak & Fyruz) came later than 8. We waited for quite a long time for them to arrive. Then, suddenly three other boys from other house came. We all suddenly felt a bit confused. Who invited them?

Then the other boys went to Wanji's room while the girls and I discussed about this matter. Would the food enough for all of us? We cooked for 10 only, but now it has expanded to 13 guests. Then, we started eating the food ignoring the other boys. However, the girls felt uncomfortable with the other boys since they didn't really know the boys.

Later, we sang Happy Birthday song to Fariz (real name : Farah Izyan) and let her to cut her cake bought by Fyruz. After blowing the 2 big candles, we distributed the cake and filled our stomach with it.

At 10 pm, the girls from Vista B (Fariz, Fyruz & Cipak) went back to their house since it's located quite far from Vista C. Then, the other boys left leaving me and the girls from upstairs. We all screamed like crazy when the boys left because finally, we were free. Now, we could talk without filtering out words. The girls explored my laptop while Anis busy bluetoothing the song from my phone to hers.

Then, we all watched my travel video to Padang-Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia last year. Then, Duwe came back from Mel's house. He didn't join the other boys to watch football match in kedai mamak. Soon after that, the girls also left our house. Luckily they already cleaned up all the dished and the table. It's good to have a lot of girl friends, they could become handy most of the times.


~Happy Birthday Fariz~


JohanPrinze said...

happy birthday to Fariz.
can do kah? haha.
semangat betul uols punya setiakawan kan!
love it.

Unknown said...

haha.. fariz tu pmpuan la.. bkn laki..

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