Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girls' Generation New Mini Album.. Finally..

Yes! Finally the album is out! Girls' Generation (SNSD) new album is quite satisfying. I love almost everything in the album. The songs are all good especially Gee.. Although this song is quite difficult to sing especially the faster part, this song keeps playing in my mind.

No no no no no...

Oh oh oh oh oh...

Gee gee gee gee gee...


The tracklist:

1. Gee
Very refreshing. I love the 'gee gee gee' parts.. It's kinda fast though.. Difficult to catch up the

2. Way To Go
Energetic song. I like the live performance. It's more lively.

3. Dear Mom
Slow song like Tears from the 1st album. Badd don't like this song, but I love it.

4. Destiny
Kinda digital song. Love it also..

5. Let's Talk About Love
Love all the songs!

Here's some pictures of SNSD and the new MV of Gee song.. This video is very colourful and also featuring Minho from SHINee.. They all look more beautiful.. Especially Jessica with her new hair.. Tiffany's hair also looks different. Yoona seems so pretty also.

Album Cover

[MV] Gee

I really want to buy this album. I was thinking about purchasing online by using, but I'll just wait for my scholarship first. If I got extra money, I will buy it. Really hope I can have it since I already bought their first album last year during my trip to Korea.

SNSD Hwaiting!

*I don't own this video


Anonymous said...

lagu gee best + addicted...

Unknown said...

haha.. tau pun~

Anonymous said...

I do love all songs sung by Girls' Generation especially GEE. It keeps echoing in my ears. I can't help listening to it at least twice a day. I've been paralyzed for 2 weeks after first watching GEE music video downloaded. So addicted like drug! Can anyone post Gee lyric in Korean, Romanized, and English translation?

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