Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Break


Just before I went back to Shah Alam for CNY Break, I joined several of my friends to do some shopping at Sungai Wang which is located near the Berjaya Times Square. There, we separated ourselves into 2 groups; one group wanted to watch movie at Times Square while the other one wanted to shop at Sg Wang. I joined the shopping group since I had no intention to watch movie today.

I didn't buy anything because I was already overbudget during this week. Therefore, I just enjoyed myself strolling aroung the shopping complex which was quite crowded with people who did a last minute shopping for the CNY. Some of my friends bought new shoes, t-shirts and bag.

We had dinner at the Food Avenue on the 10th floor of the Times Square. I tried the Spicy Ipoh Kuetiau and also Appla Juice. The kuetiau was very hot and spicy. It took quite a long time to finished my meal. My face was already covered with sweat during the eating. If Ridhwan and Fyruz were going to have this meal, I was sure that they would suffer a lot!

Port Dickson

On Saturday, my family and I went to Port Dickson for holiday. We didn't plan to go somewhere further because the traffic was going to be jammed like hell. Our past experience taught us to not go to the far place because it would waste most of our time on the road.

This vacation was also joined by my married sister, and also married brother. It's kinda a family reunion. We brought a lot of marinated chicken to be barbequed during the night. My mom brought a lot of things from home since our staying place got a kitchen. It's actually a penthouse which is situated near the beach.

Since we arrived at PD quite late on Saturday, I decided not to do anything with the beach yet. So, on Sunday, we all dipped ourselves into the sea and also enjoying ice-cream sold by the ice-cream vendor alongside the beach. After swimming and floating for a while, we had our barbeque. My brothers and I barbequed the chickens, cuttlefishes, shrimps, and also some ikan kembung. While my mother fried some noodles for us.

it was raining that night

The next day, we threw ourselves again into the sea. But this time, I got the chance to ride the jet ski. At first, I refused to try, but after a while, my sister forced me to play since our ride time still had the remaining 10 minutes. Therefore, I tried the jetski with my younger brother sat behind me. It's kinda fun though. I kept on screaming whenever I drove the thing faster.

At noon, we all check-out and headed to our different location. My sister (and husband) and my brother (and wife), went back to Shah Alam while the remaining family members followed my parents to Johor to visit my grandparents.

my kampung at Batu Pahat

my cousin, Siti

waiting in Adidas shop


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