Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Roadtrip - Stoke, Liverpool & Lake District

A day after we attended SMILE program at University of Warwick, Coventry, we continued our journey up north back to Glasgow. We stayed overnight at Awi's place at Keele. He stayed in an English house shared with other occupants and the house itself was very awesome. It's very English looking and very clean and unique.Keele is located besides Stoke-on-Trent and also Newcastle-under-Lyme. Please note that there are two Newcastle in UK. The other one is Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

First thing in the morning, we headed to University of Keele to take some photos with the scenery there. Awi brought us to Keele's Hall where we could find a small flower garden in front of the building. The weather was kinda sunny but still maintained its coldness.

Next, we're of to visit Britannia Stadium which hosts Stoke City Football Club. Too bad, the souvenir shop was not opened yet since we arrived there quite early. In UK, shops usually open at noon. We took photo in the front of the stadium and also managed to peek inside the stadium to see the green field.

After sending Awi back to his place, we continued our roadtrip to Liverpool. It's about one hour drive from Stoke-on-Trent. Liverpool is a city located near the sea and the weather was quite windy although the sun shone brightly here. We spent one hour around the dock taking photos in front of the Liverpool Museum and also entered a souvenir shop in The Beatles Story shop. I bought a couple of fridge magnets, pin badges and postcards. Since it's a commercial shop, therefore the price was quite expensive.

We had our lunch at McDonald's after getting lost several times around the city. Fillet-o-Fish was the only thing that we could eat there, so we tried it. It's my first time eating at McDonald's in UK. I found that the Fillet-o-Fish was rather smaller in comparison with the same burger in Malaysia. Our next destination would be none other that two stadiums in Liverpool; Anfield (Liverpool FC) and Goodison Park (Everton FC). I bought one thing from Anfield souvenir shop while we only spend a few minutes at Goodison Park because we couldn't find the shop. Plus, it's getting late as we need to continue our journey north.

We reached Keswick, Lake District at around 6 pm. There's a big lake here with beautiful greenery around it. A lot of wooden boats laid along the shore. We performed our prayer here on the grass field. There were loads of sheep here too. They were busy with the grass and some of them busy with their babies. Actually, Keswick was one of the sides of Lake District, there are a lot of other sides where we could go to see more beautiful panoramas. However, we had no time to go there as it was nearly nightfall.

Thanks Joe for driving us all the way during this trip. Alhamdulillah, this was our very first roadtrip in UK and it went smoothly although we got lost several times. But still I considered it successful.



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