Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Trip Day 1 - Newcastle

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I guess I have to write about this trip little by little just for some update. This time, our trip was BIG! Big in a sense that it would be joined by lots of people. For the very first time ever, we were travelling in a group of 14 and in backpackers style.

Our day was started with the journey from Glasgow to Newcastle. We boarded the train at 6.50 am (only us the boys) and reached Newcastle-upon-Tyne 3 hours later. The weather was extremely colder than usual because it was snowing in several parts of UK. Along the journey in the train, we could see few places already covered in white. As soon as we reached Newcastle, my body was trembling in the coldness. Newcastle is located near the sea, therefore it was chilly and the breeze was quite strong as well.

We had our breakfast at Burger King inside the Newcastle Central Station. Luckily they served vegetarian & seafood sandwich for their breakfast menu, so I had Ocean Catch sandwich which was basically a fish burger. We got warned by the worker not to take photo inside without his permission. Derrrr~ Burger King je ponnnnn... Nak kecoh apa... A few minutes later, Bella arrived and we started to plan our sightseeing in the city. Newcastle is famous with its bridges and among them is Tyne Bridge.

We bought one-day pass (£2.30) for the metro and started heading to Haymarket. We took photos with the cathedral, University of Newcastle and also dropped by a post office to send some postcards to my besties. Luckily the post office also sells postcards so we didn't have to find other souvenir shops. The postcards cost about 40p each. The weather even though was bright and sunny, the chill still affected me. Brrrrrr~

We met Achik in the metro on our way to St James' Park to visit Newcastle United FC Stadium. As usual, we entered the souvenir shop to buy some stuffs. I bought a few pin badges and a keyring which cost about £2.50 each. The price was okay, merely the same with other stadium. Once again, the staff warned us that we weren't allowed to take photo inside the shop. Apekah? Orang Newcastle tak suka amek gambar agaknya.. =.=

The rest of the girls and two boys arrived at noon and we met up at Starbucks in front of Newcastle Central Station. We continued our sightseeing tour heading to the famous bridges. We passed by The Black Gate which housed two bridges in the Old Newcastle. The first bridge we stepped on was The High Level Bridge. This bridge was extremely high and we could see Tyne Bridge from here. The wind kept on blowing our hair turning them a complete mess up. Then, we took photos from below the Tyne Bridge before we headed to the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. I think every place has their own millennium bridge such as in London and Glasgow.

Lunch at Subway and tuna sandwich for the hungry people. What else could we order right? £3 for lunch deal; a sub and a drink. After filling up our growling belly, we headed back to the Central Station to board a bus to the port. The DFDS Seaways bus was located in front of the station and we quickly boarded it since I could see lots of people queuing for it. We're gonna took this bus right now because the next bus would be in the next one hour. There were only two buses everyday which were at 2.45 pm and 3.45 pm. The fare for a single journey was £3.50 (can be bought online or on the bus itself).

Alhamdulillah, there were few last seats available in the bus so we didn't have to stand all the way to the port for half an hour. Then, we arrived at Port of Tyne International Passenger Terminal and prepared for our check-in. And now we were ready for our journey to Amsterdam, Holland! By cruise!

Information about DFDS Seaways can be obtained from DFDS website.

We purchased a cabin for 4 pax cost £110 per cabin one-way (meaning £27.50 per pax) which was reasonably affordable for students like us.

It's gonna be very exciting! 


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