Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh! It's Snowing!


It's a date that should be written in everybody's diary because it marked the falling of the first snow in Glasgow. Eh, bajet semua orang ada diari je kan.. Diari Hatimu ada la.. *terbatuk2 Siti Nurhaliza kalau terbaca ni* Everybody around here especially those who lived in James Blyth Court *including me of course* became so extremely excited *plus jakun!* when the snow poured down today.

The first snow actually fell in the late morning around 11 am but it's very light. As the day progress, more snow came down alternately with rain. Just now *around 10.45 pm* the snow fell down again, with more snows! I could see some of my course mates went out to enjoy the snow. Here are the photos that I captured before it went gone.

a very light snow with rain

more snow!

*must use flash to see the snow*

However, the snow only lasted for about 10-15 minutes only before it's gone. Kejap je, tak puas.. Tak sempat keluar pun!

Dear Mr Taxi Winter,

Please be nice to us this year. Don't get too rough okay?

Love ya..



PahPihPuh said...

moge2 begitulah ye dikk..supaye kelas2 dan lab2 tak dibatalkannn..but,kak pah wants mores snowwwwwww

Unknown said...

i want more snow too! mintak2 esok keputihan je semua.. haha..

Unknown said...

Suasana snow ni kalau diceritakan pun susah nak digambarkan berapa seronok nye!

Unknown said...

betul2.. seronok tak terkata.. :D

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