Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Finally, got the chance to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie after breaking free from my hectic university life. Studying for class test really limits my room for entertainment. Since today I was quite free, I went to the cinema with Anis and Fyruz.

The weather wasn't very nice today, with continuous rain all day long. So we had to walk under the rain soaking ourselves to the city centre. We had our lunch at The Bistro which is located near the cinema. We all had double cheeseburgers because it was the easiest food to eat without messing up with our hands. After satisfying our hungry bellies, we headed straight to Cineworld.

The show started at 3 pm, but as usual the 'real' show started about half an hour after because of the commercials and movie trailers. The movie started out with a lot of romantic scenes, especially after the wedding of Edward and Bella. I mean, really really too much! No wonder it's rated as 12A.. As the movie progress, the scenes became more serious towards the end. With the conflict of Jacob and his werewolf pack, Bella getting pregnant and many more. However, the ending was quite sad when Bella died after the labour devastating both Edward and Jacob. We're looking forward to watch the second part which will be released at the end of next year. Lama lagi tuuuu.... :( For me, I have no problem with the storyline since I've read the novel before. So I know what will happen next. 

We walked back to our hall in rain again and in the coldness of the night.. Brrrrrr~

Dah lama tak tengok wayang, it feels really good... =)

Snow oh snow.. When will you fall down??


PahPihPuh said...

breaking the dawnn and balik during the dawnn gituu..
12A tue untuk umur berape?

Unknown said...

before the dawnnn... before the dawwnnnn... *eh, ttbe nynyi lagu kpop plak kat sini*

12A tu mksd die remaja umur 12 yg wajib ditemani ibu bapa mahupun atuk n nenek.. get it?

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