Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sarawak the Fifth Time

I came here to Kuching for holidays since I got approximately 2 month of holidays. Luckily the hotel provides a Wifi service so that I can online and keep my Facebook updated.

This is actually my fifth time coming to Kuching. We came here just to enjoy the food here. The food are mostly awesome and mouthwatering.

Top Spot which is a Seafood Food Court is located on a rooftop of a building and served a wide variety of seafood from fishes to shellfishes, from prawns to cuttlefishes. On the first day we arrived at Kuching, we as usual tried the stall number 25 (Bukit Mata). We had our break fast here. Our menu for today was ikan jenahak masak bersambal, butter prawns, sotong goreng tepung, sup ketam & midin masak belacan. What is midin? It's a special pucuk paku which can only be found at Sarawak. You couldn't find it in the Peninsular. It was crunchy.

Yesterday, we had sahur and buka puasa buffet at the hotel. Which hotel? Harbour View Hotel. It's located near the waterfront and also the Top Spot. Parkson, Hilton Hotel, Tunes Hotel and The Hills Shopping Complex are also located nearby.

I managed to watch a movie here with my classmates, Ridhwan and Fairuz. They came to pick me up at the hotel and then we went to The Spring shopping mall to watch The Grown Ups at MBO. The movie was very very very *ala Mrs. Phoong* funny and hilarious, We laughed from the beginning the the movie ended. It was actually worth it watching this movie in the cinema. Actually, we were planning to watch Step Up 3D initially, but the shows were all full and the only available show was at 12 am!

with Encik Kucing

with Mak Ayam

makan eskrem kat Sugar Bun.. panjang wooo eskrem die...

We went to Serikin, which is a shopping area like Wang Kelian. Many local and foreign traders set the stalls here to sell their stuffs like bags, cloths, fruits, tikar, tudung saji, curtain, periuk, senduk kayu etc.

Last night, we had a quick stroll at Kg. Boyan which is located along the riverside. There's a lot of children playing mercun an bunga api while the adults were performing Terawih prayer at the surau nearby. Dam dam dum, bunyi mercun.. Lalalala~ We bought several kek lapis here.

Going back to Shah Alam later.

sempat singgah kat The Spring before g aiport


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